Alongside a street, on the bright morning of a school day, a girl walked step by step to her school while in deep thought. Suddenly, another girl approached her and said, "good morning Yuki!"

She waited patiently for the girl to respond, but she did not react. Repeating herself, she asked, "Yuki. Yuki. Can you hear me?" Finally, she was able to get her attention as Yuki looked at her.

She answered, "Sorry Rume, what were you saying again?".

Looking astonished as she replied, Rume inquired, "Eh? Yuki, what is going on? Is everything okay?"

Yuki grasped her senses and said, "Nothing's wrong Rume, I was just thinking about how I did in my midterms."

Rume looked at Yuki, not fully believing what she said. "What do you mean Yuki!? You are one of the best students in our class, no, I would say in our whole school!"

Yuki thought, 'I must not think about what happened yesterday or Rume will worry about me'.

She decided to forget about it and changed the subject as they walked to the school gates.

The school day started, time passed and the lunch break was here. Both girls chit-chatted until reaching the cafeteria. When there, Rumi spoke, "Let's sit here, Yuki!".

Looking around as she sat, Yuki unexpectedly saw a familiar face that startled her. She felt anxious remembering the things that had happened the day before, thinking 'What brings that boy here, is he in my school? But how come I didn't notice him? Ah, yesterday he was wearing PE clothes back then!'.

Suddenly the boy's eyes met hers and he smiled. She felt shivers running down her back when it happened. Trying to comprehend the situation, she looked down timidly. At the same time Rume was observing her, and she asked, "Hey, Yuki do you know Aries?".

Yuki alerted, she said, "Aries? Who is that?".

Rume followed saying, "Oh, you don't know that boy? But why were you looking at him with such an anxious face?"

Yuki thought 'So that boy's name was Aries. For some reason, Rume looked excited - I wonder why!'

Energized, Rume said, "Is it love at first sight?"

Enraged by what she said, Yuki stood up screaming "Huh, love? You don't even..." when she released her voice was loud she stopped at those words. Everyone was staring at Yuki, whispering with each other. Mortified, she fled from the cafeteria.

Once she returned to her classroom, she took her seat, thinking 'What should I do now? I hope I never see him again, I need to forget about this nightmare.'

Deep in thought, she couldn't feel the presence of the girl approaching her. Looking at her, her classmate said, "Yuki, someone's asking about you!"

Yuki hoped it wasn't who she thought it was, but her wish was in vain. So she decided to cut off her musing with actions and advanced towards the door.

The boy from her nightmare stood there and faced her with a smile, saying, "We meet again!"

She braced herself to ask, "What brings you here?"

He then answered, "What an attitude! Yesterday you were trembling in fear, I am amazed by the change!"

He glared at her, and she felt a cold sweat running down her back. As she remembered what had happened, she backed off, terrified, and said with agitated voice, "Is there something else you want from me? I did everything you told me to do just as I was commanded."

The girl was forced to follow him to the rooftop, there she entered first, and he walked after her, locking the door behind him.

She looked at him anxiously and said, "What is going on? Why did you bring me here, and locked the door?"

The boy wanted to comfort her as he said, "We don't need someone to hear us talking. Don't worry, you have my word: I won't harm you as long as you are by my side."

Yuki stayed silent for a moment, then said, "So what did you want to talk about in private?"

Aries commented, "Nothing much, I just wanted to make sure that you will never speak about what happened the day before. I will be observing you, and because it happens to be that we are attending the same school, I will be seeing more of you in the future. So let's get along well!"

Anguished, the girl said, "But I won't tell anybody, so can't you believe me? I have already planned to forget about everything happened that day. So why you don't let me be, please!"

Aries replied, "Hey, I promised you I won't harm you, as long as you never mention anything about my power or what happened back then. You aren't able to pretend it never happened; as I was observing you today, I found that you looked quite panicked."

The girl seemed troubled, so he tried to comfort her, "Don't worry, nothing will change. I will only observe you from a distance. All you have to do is to act normal as you were before."

He stopped for a moment as he moved towards the door then turned and said, "Ah, for your knowledge, if you don't want your friend, I remember her name was...hmm, ah, Rume. You shouldn't involve her in this case, that is for her own safety!"

Yuki thought, 'You don't have to tell me that.'

As he opened the door, he was suddenly confronted face-to-face with another boy; with a sharp glare directed toward Aries the boy asked, "Where's Yuki?" While Yuki rushed towards the door, the boys cleared the passage for her as she advanced in rush, and she fled from the roof with an annoyed expression.

Aries tried to leave too but the boy pushed him back inside again.

The boy said, "What were you trying to do here to Yuki? She looked troubled!"

Aries smiled and replied, "Who are you, brat? Why do you care?" enraged, the boy tried to punch Aries.

Aries disappeared from his vision; the boy panicked and searched around for him, but he couldn't find him.

Near the entrance, a voice coming from his back spoke, "I will let you go this time because I am a little busy, but believe my word that if you ever show up again in front of me, you won't have the chance to even regret it! Care for your life, young boy."

Aries left after he finished talking, horrifying the boy with the threat and what he saw. He attempted to regain control over the situation, as he couldn't accept what he saw with his own eyes. Although, he definitely saw that that boy's eyes were glowing red abnormally.

As Aries walked down the hallway, he remembered what happened the day before. When the police took him to the station, he was able to dismiss the testimony of the boy who was one of those delinquents.

After Aries left the station, he went home and there he tried to test his new power. His experiment started with a test of how to activate the power. As he was informed by the strange voice, his power was forced to activate when he saw, smelled, or touched blood. So he began with an attempt to activate his power out of his own will. When he concentrated his thoughts, he found that his vision turned a little red.

Continuing the tests, he was able to get more information about how it worked with blood and all. He concluded that there is a bar similar to the HP bars in video games that decides the amount of power based on the blood he came into contact with. When the bar is at its greatest, his power increases to its highest as well. But his control over things becomes affected by an insane desire to spill blood. Things also go vice versa: if the power is not activated by blood but by his will, it won't affect his desire and he can control it as he wants.

Although that power activates when he wills it, his sharpness and power increases at a normal mode too, more than a normal human being, but not to the degree when he activates his power.

Aries then approached his classroom and there was a trap prepared for him by those delinquents in his class. So when he was opening the door he sensed that there is something moving above him. He stepped back, facing the bucket of water that slowly dropped down in slow motion.

The delinquents stared at what he did as shocked as ever, and one of them mumbled, "What just happened? Is that really Aries?" The others had nothing to answer his questions with.

Aries thought, 'It was such an interesting thing, that bucket, and now I am going to do even more interesting things!'