Overthrow the Qing!

Support the King!

May God defend us all,

For King Xiuquan!

Trample thy foes with thy swords

Swords blessed by Tian!

By great light shining bright,

Calls for the will of God.

May God defend us all,

For thy divine life!

With righteous blood sealed,

We'll defend thy Kingdom!

Hack our foes worn with queues,

With great fury from Tian!

For thy great prosperity,

For divine Tianjin!

Oh, King Xiuquan!

We feel God's will!

The will that powered us.

The will that would aid us,

In crushing the Qing!

By slashes of swords

To cries of guns,

We'll defend thy King

To thy King of righteousness!

Hail, King Xiuquan!

For thy God's answer,

To our great acts!