My college roommate doesn't think I get out enough but as a third year double major what am I supposed to do? I go to class, study, eat, study, sleep, study. I don't have time for a social life.

Naomi always says I need to go out and party more, hook up with guys and loosen up but with lab papers, midterms, research papers and finals never have the time.

"You never date...and I bet you're still a virgin…"

My face flushed. That was my own business not hers. I just hadn't found a guy I wanted to spend time with when I felt like I was barely staying afloat with my life already.

"Nothing wrong with you that a good lay wouldn't cure."

I rolled my eyes and thought whatever.

Naomi This bitch roomie of mine needs to get 's driving me crazy. I asked my boyfriend Ryder if he could introduce her to one of his friends but Rosie doesn't seem interested.

Then my father came into town checking up on me to avoid spending time with my mother. He always asks about Rosie but what's there to say? Girl has no life but as it turned out a lot about my father I didn't know.

Rosie's birthday is coming up soon and I have the perfect present….and I need some extra cash. So win/win is to sell her virginity. She gets laid at last and I can buy myself a new car.

Ryder: Naomi came to me wanting to throw a birthday party for her roommate. Said she had a special surprise planned. Rosie's hot too, Great rack and ass. Always check her don't let Naomi see her because she has a jealous streak.

Rosie: I was at the apartment alone when he showed up. Damn he's hot. Totally fit and not handsome exactly but rugged. He eyed me up and down in a way that made me heat up instantly. My pussy throbbed so I pressed my legs together. .

Shame filled me because of these sensations that I hadn't was so very wrong.

I shouldn't want to fuck my roommates father.

Naomi: I placed the ad not on Craigslist but at a sight I found. Hot female, 20 years old who was looking for a good time on her birthday for her first time. She really needs a good time. Ryder teased about wanting to respond but I cut that short. That's just not going to happen. Someone else is going to have to break her cherry.

Derek:I stopped by my daughter's apartment and Rosie was there If she only knew how close I was to pushing her on the couch and peeling that skirt upward and just taking her. I need to scratch an itch and it can't be with her. But I want to do all kinds of things to her.

Rosie: My roomie has a secret from me I can always tell and it annoys me. She wanted to throw me a birthday party but I wasn't interested and had two midterms that day and a seminar. Right now I can't even look at up drenched from a dream where her father fucked me from behind. Rode me like a stallion rides:a I cried for it but it's just a dream right

Naomi: Damn so many responses to this ad. Must be a lot of horny men out there, If Rosie ever found out what I did….oh wait there's one guy that drives the bidding. He can keep doing that.

Derek: I put another bid..I will win this no matter what it takes and then I will have her in my bed. Exactly where I want her.