Here's to you. This is for you.

This is for the shy girl who hides behind her glasses, dark eyes full of expression; whose words are poetry and her smile contains the stars.

This is for the tough girl, one of the guys; who lives life to the fullest, balancing both her worlds and losing out on neither her femininity nor her strength.

This is for the boy who hides his insecurity behind a mask of confidence; who would rather live with fake friends than face betrayal by those he believed real.

This is for the quiet guy, who keeps to himself, but sees all; approachable, but alone, and always ready to help.

This is for the boy who surrounds himself with friends to hide his loneliness, craving love and acceptance.

This is for the girl who missed the love of her family, and has found one in her friends. And yet, never once do her eyes dim with melancholy, nor does her warmth turn frigid.

This is for there boy who was popular and yet a social outcast, who was different and he knew it; for his silent strength and bruised heart.

This is for the boy who was forced to become a man before his time, who hid his sorrow and pain, so that others could use him as their outlet; for him who never broke down because he was too busy fixing others.

This is for the girl who learnt too soon that fairytales don't always have happy endings; the one who became her own Prince Charming, her own Fairy Godmother, and her own Knight.

This is for the boy with the sun in his smile; lighting up others' days even when thunderclouds lingered above him; for him who gave it his all and then some, and yet found his success overcast with failure.

This is for the boy who is a closed book- after having had too many of his pages ripped out or damaged; who learnt that the world was cruel, and hardened himself to live in it; for him who became diamond- beautiful, but impenetrable.

This is for the girl who became so jaded that she forgot herself, living as the world wanted her to; until she no longer knew fact from fiction.

This is for the boy who held galaxies within him; who never realised he was made of platinum simply because others assumed he was silver; for the uncut crystal.

This is for him who hid his sensitivity and care behind arrogance and acidity.

This is for her who hid her tears because no one heard her cry.

This is for all those who felt that they were never enough.

You matter. You are loved. You are needed.

And you are irreplaceable.


Because there is only one of you. And that is all there will ever be.

There is someone out there who thinks of you because you changed their life. There is someone out there who wants to be the one to change your life. There are people out there whose lives will never be quite the same without you.

That is the magic of "you".

A.N. This is my first proper "post", although it's more of a dedication. This is for all those who saw me, and whom I saw. This is for those who helped me through a difficult time, and for those who may need the help in their difficult time.

You can find me on and Tumblr under the same name. I hope you like my work, and I look forward to hearing from you. Any suggestions, requests and criticism is welcome.

Onyx out.