Extract from "Teerth Raj Amarkantak"

As our zeep crossed the narrow, busy market place of Pendra Road town-ship, driver Durgesh informed us that Amarkantak is at a distance of 30 kilo meters. We are seated in the middle of the zeep, luggage in the rear-seat. It is not yet 6 p.m. As I was looking through the front-glass, I found the smooth pitch road proceeding straight towards our destination. Cultivable lands appear on both sides of the road. We were enjoying a pleasant village-scene—cattle with their calves occupying the road, lazy dogs lying beside, while cocks and hens were running here and there. Forest of Sal-Palash starts just behind those thatched mud-huts. After crossing a distance of 7-8 kilo meters, we found forest from both the sides suddenly tumbled down the road. Jungle is dense now, path is more inclining. Evening is approaching slowly, intensity of the cool breeze steadily increasing. We had to close the glass windows. And we saw the full-moon expressing itself in the sky.

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