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In a court room far away, decorated with elegant drapery in the shades of burgundy and gold, sat a man with his chin in his hand, looking inappropriately bored as those around him argued amongst one another.

The man was lithe and lean, yet make no mistake, the muscles under his clothes spoke of great strength. His black hair sat perfectly coifed atop his head, and under thick eyebrows were piercing green eyes, currently staring holes into nothing, contrasting sharply with his tan skin. A very defined jaw line was currently covered in a thin layer of scruff. There was something starkly regal about him, but at the same time, his demeanor was unmistakably that of a predator.


He ignored the voice addressing him, and the briefest hint of annoyance that flashed through his addressor's face at his lack of response. Lesser men than him had killed pride members for such offenses in the past.

After a while, he made up his mind. He wouldn't ask the room to quiet down––they would do so as soon as he wished it. When every eye in the room was finally fixed on him, he opened his mouth, prepared to speak, when the most interesting thing happened.

Pain, unlike any he had experienced in his entire existence, gripped his body in a chokehold so tight he couldn't help the slight twitch of his eye, or the way his fist clenched at his side. An untrained eye wouldn't have noticed anything amiss. The pain passed within a second. But twenty of his tribe's most trusted advisors, elders, and leaders were seated around him, forty eyes trained on him so intently they missed nothing.

No one said anything, but everyone in that room––he included––was wondering what could possibly have occurred to make the most powerful Phera of the current century lose control like that.

While the others continued to stare, quietly, no soul brave enough to break the silence, the man briefly wondered if he was dying. Confusion and fear swept through him so strongly he refused to believe these were his own emotions he was feeling. He almost panicked. Almost.

Twenty pairs of baffled eyes watched as first pain, then confusion, then absolute fear flashed through their Alpha's eyes.

After two seconds, he cleared his throat. His face was a skillful mask once again. "Meeting adjourned."

Some stared in wonder, while others looked expectant. When their Alpha calmly left the room at a strangely human pace, the whispers began.

"Perhaps he is ill."

"Ill? Cade? Never."

"Maybe he's cursed."

"Or...the Continuance."

"Could it be?"

"The sons of Arion have waited nearly 100 years."

"It's only a myth; a legend!"

"Like I said...a curse."