Essence - The digital energy that flows through Familiars and Coordinators, it allows said users to create clothing, armour and weapons with that energy along with them the power to use superhuman abilities such as Tachyon, Mirage, Phantom Tap and more.

Essence Armament - Is the creation of digitized armour (arms and legs) and weapons by Familiar's allowing them to perform combat operations against the Nebula, and if need be other Familiar's

Essence Form - Is an upgraded armour varient (in testing by Armiger) of the Essence Armament creating armour across the whole of the Familiar's body enhancing their physical and regenerative capabilities

Spiritual Link - Is the connection between a Familiar and Coordinator after sealing of a Blood Contract. It combines both partners five senses as one along the two of them to experience everyone their partner does, while also enhancing the combat capabilities between the two partners.

Blood Contract - The formation of a contract between Familiar and Coordinator through the transfusion of a partner's composed fibril leading to a Spiritual Link between the partners.

Familiar - First and last line of defence against the Nebula, their abilities allow them to form whole armour's and weapons of digital energy giving them the capability to fight the Nebula.

Coordinators - They are uncapable of producing and armour and weapons like their counterparts, however their low compatability rate still enhances their mental abilities allowing them produce psychic like barriers and projectiles.

Quell - Is a term used to describe the peace between Nebula Invasions.

Powers (Familiar's and Coordinators)

Tachyon - Allows Familiar's to move faster than the speed of light, this can only last for a few seconds at a time. Familiar's have adapted the ability over time to allow for multiple dashes of one second intervals between each dash. Which in turn were called Dual Tachyon, Triple Tachyon and Quadruple Tachyon.

Mirage - Allows Familiar's to perform teleportation, even though it's considered to be faster than Tachyon it has also been proven unreliable due to the technique being known for creating fractures in reality. It's only used by a dozen or so students around the world

Lightning Tachyon - Very similar to Tachyon but, instead creates a surge of electrical currents from the spinal cord of Familiar's mostly used as a finisher on Nebula forces. Students whom use this skill require specialized clothing and armour that exposes the spinal cord at all times to allow for discharges in electricity.

Whiplash - An ability that creates an electrical tendril from between Familiar's shoulder blades, it too is used as an engager but has become a popular option for a mode of transportation across the battlefield for Familiar's

Phantom Tap - Allows Familiar's to create a surge of energy that they can emit from their body to deal damage at a safe distance. Popular with brawler type Familiar's that prefer to keep their fights at a distance

Essence Barrier - Allows Coordinators to create a protective barrier around their partners/allies it has the ability to deflect small arms plasma fire, and bladed or impact attacks. Depending on the Coordinators strength it can deflect Nebula Platform plasma beams.

Essence Shards - Allows Coordinators to produce pixelated spear tip like shards to project at enemy targets. The ability can be altered for various effects such as high explosive and armour piercing.


Essentia - The civilian body for all Familiar's and Coordinators that run the training and nurturing of all its students that attend their acadmies, high schools and training camps. A division on the United Nations. They have authority of Familiar's and Coordinators aged 15 to 19.

Armiger - A military division of the United Nations made up of exclusively Familiar's and Coordinators many of them graduates from Essentia Academies. Used to combat the Nebula whenever they invade and as a peacekeeping force across the world during times of 'Quells'.

Nebula - An alien race of digital constructs. Their sole purpose is to currently invade the Earth through the use of dimension warps, however some figureheads believe the Nebula have an ulterior motive that is yet to be discovered.