Extra - 1

Hibiki floated upon her back in the swimming pool, she wore the typical attire that normal high schools wore while swimming, the sukumizu. The skin tight suit was a new type variation however they had a single white line running down either side of the torso.

Chi-Sun along with her friend Eun-Hee sat with on the edge of the pool their legs floating in the water.

"It's been over a week, and she's still miserable" Chi-Sun casual said out loud.

Hibiki still floating in the water glanced at Chi-Sun before looking back up at the ceiling, the blue sky could be seen from where she was. The sun making it's beauty ever more evident.

"Can you blame her after what happened" Eun-Hee replied.

Chi-Sun sighs in response, "I know, but I just wish Sachika could confide in us a bit more..." she falls silent for a moment "...ever since she found out about Aiko she's been distancing herself from everyone"

Eun-Hee leans back slightly, "Give her some time, I'm sure she'll come around..." turning her head towards Chi-Sun as the latter looked at her, she smiles gently "...don't worry when Aiko wakes up she'll be back to her old self". Eun-Hee gives her friend an encouraging thumbs up.

As for Chi-Sun she nodded feeling slightly more relieved at her friends enthusiasm at the current predicaments. Without warning Hibiki rises up from underneath of azure sheet of water in the swimming pool, shaking her head as water flicked off her short hair upon her friends.

"I have the greatest idea ever!" Hibiki said with a sly grin on her face. Both Chi-Sun and Eun-Hee glanced at one another with a mixture of interest and worry in their expressions.

Sachika entered the changing rooms which were situated right next to the swimming pool, in her nanotech suit after doing an intense training session in the gym, she undid the seals at the centre of her suit revealing her bare stomach and cleavage as sweat dripped down.

Holding onto a bottle of water, she quickly screwed the lid then drank out of the bottle. Before she could react, she suddenly grabbed then lifted into the air.

"The hell!" was all she could muster to say as she was hefted into the air being carried off towards the swimming pool.

Before she could even try to wriggle out her captors grips she was thrown into a pool of water. The shock of cold water suddenly hitting her skin made her heart skip a few beats, and without delay her suit started to peel from her skin like velcro.

She swam up to the surface with a clear expression of annoyance upon her face, once she hit the surface Sachika was net with the chorus of laughter as she looked up to she Hibiki, Chi-Sun and Eun-Hee.

"There's no escaping the wrath of the Three Misfits!" Hibiki hollered trying to imitate an evil laugh.

Both Chi-Sun and Eun-Hee just stared at Hibiki awkwardly before the former spoke up, "That was much cringe". Chi-Sun then felt uncomfortable as she replayed the sentence countless times in her head.

In response Hibiki jolted in surprise by how much her two accomplices hated her speech, "Huh, seriously I thought it was epic!" she shouted in a panicked tone. Eun-Hee shook her head as she sighed.

As the trio went off on their disagreement Sachika felt like she should shout at them for what they did, but deep down she felt happy that her friends would do something so meaningless just to make her happy or laugh. Sachika laughed to herself which made her friends stop their scuffle.

They looked at her both surprised and confused at why Sachika was laughing to herself. Before the realised it Sachika stripped her nanotech suit off then threw it upon the walkway surrounding the edge of the swimming pool. Her friends were blushing intensely as they looed upon a completely naked Sachika.

Sachika pure skinned cleavage shined in the sunlight as water trickled down her breasts to re-join the greater mass of water surrounding her. "You know what, I don't even care" Sachika exclaimed happily as she dove backwards, the pool water cascading her beautiful body as she performed a backstroke.

"How hard did we throw her?" Hibiki asked with concern.

"Not hard enough to hit her head at the bottom of the pool" Eun-Hee replied.

Chi-Sun stepped forward before she turned to Hibiki and Eun-Hee shrugging her shoulders at them, "Well as long as she's happy what's to worry?" before the duo could respond Chi-Sun turned towards the pool as she waved at Sachika announcing she going to join her, the latter waved back urging Chi-Sun to join her.

Both Hibiki and Eun-Hee looked at one another before the two them ran towards the pool jumping in to join both Sachika and Chi-Sun. The sounds of laughing and cheering could be heard from the swimming pool, as many students entered the changing rooms to partake in physical training sessions outside in the academy's acres of gardens and fields. The students in the changing rooms looked towards the entrance of the swimming pool, their attention were piqued to find out was happening.