Both Kaname and Ashlee didn't waste a moment getting the girls up early for their specialized summer boot camp if the young girls didn't know any better they were sure that both Kaname and Ashlee were secretly enjoying this endeavour of theirs.

Being woken up at the crack of dawn to the beautiful dark orange Okinawan sunrise just of the horizon would have been a dream for anyone, however, that someone being extremely exhausted from yesterdays shenanigans with a fraction sleep wasn't an ideal morning.

The young girls were still half asleep at midday each of them only getting a few hours sleep the previous night. They were all wearing tight-fitting gym clothes such as sports bras and shorts along with trainer socks and running shoes. The sweat poured off them as they tedious went about doing the physical activities that Kaname and Ashlee set out for them.

Hibiki collapsed to her knees with a loud thud against the soft white sand her breathing was short and quick, "I..I think...I'm...gonna die here" sweat was dripping off her as if someone doused her with a bucket of water.

A few seconds later Yuki collapsed to the floor, however, she was worse for wear. She was in a heap on top the sand desperately trying to control her breathing so she didn't pass out from lack of oxygen. The sand stuck to parts of Yuki's sweaty skin making incomprehensible patterns across her body.

Shortly afterwards they were joined by Sachika and Roselle who were equally flustered and worn out after the first stage of their intense physical training.

Kaname walked over to the exhausted girls she too wore the same clothing but, unlike Sachika and her friends she wasn't sweating as she didn't have to partake in such training. Her black sunglasses blocked out the sun making it easier for her to refer to the stopwatch in her hand.

"You did okay but, you could have done better" Kaname blunted told the young girls.

Sachika, Yuki, Hibiki and Roselle all looked up towards Kaname the latter's towering physical presence dwarfing them in comparison. "You can talk...all you did...was stand there and watch!" Yuki grunted between taking breaths.

Kaname's expression was unfazed as she knelt closer to Yuki their faces only inches from one another, "If you've got time run that pretty mouth of yours then you've got time to run..." Kaname stood up straight still looking down over Yuki " does running laps of the beach again? This time up to your neck in seawater?"

Yuki clenched her fist as if contemplating how to respond when she couldn't come up with a response she flicked her head to the side in disgust.

As for Kaname, she ignored Yuki's immature response, "Okay you can have a short break if you want to you can take a dip in the sea or shower off to cool down until the next physical exercise"

"Th...Thank god" Roselle whispered only just hearable to the others surrounding her breathing gradually returning to normal including the other girls.

Yuki, Hibiki and Roselle didn't waste any time when Kaname told them they could relax in the sea for a bit. The trio stripped off their gym clothes and footwear. They casual waltzed into the edge of calm ocean water laying on top of the wet sand whilst the water slowly moved up and down the shoreline encasing their bodies in the cool water.

"Oh my god, I'm so glad that we can do this" Hibiki muttered out loud. She was laying on her front letting the sea salt water splash over her rear to then leave trickles of water running down her flesh. This process repeated itself for Hibiki as well as the other two by her sides.

Hibiki looked to her right to see Roselle laying on her side with her back to the former, Hibiki noticed that Roselle was slightly curled up as if she was sleeping. She then looked to her left to see Yuki lying on her.

Yuki wasn't asleep unlike Roselle instead she was just closing her eyes to block out the sun. As the ocean water flowed up shore it once again splashed over the girls in the case of Yuki it splashed over her breasts when the water retreated back further into the sea it left its make on her body with the droplets of water as it did with Hibiki and Roselle.

Leaning upward and looking around Hibiki noticed Sachika wasn't anywhere to be seen.

"Where did Sachika go?" she asked no one in particular. Roselle continued to sleep soundly to herself but, she did get a respond from Yuki.

"Don't care. As long as she's not anywhere near me that's good enough" Yuki blunted replied.

"What is it between you two?" Hibiki may have known Sachika for some time but, when she did some digging into the past between Sachika and Yuki she found out that the two of them had a long history of butting heads with one another long before she came into the picture.

Yuki turned to look at Hibiki with a serious expression on her face for a moment she didn't say anything, "It's none of your business" she simply said this time turning her head in the opposite direction of Hibiki. As for the latter she simply made a pouting face as she stared at Yuki before laying back down on the soft sand.

The sound of light sprinkling water could be heard underneath the shower Sachika was on her knees with her lower legs splayed out to the side. Her sports shorts were still on as was her running shoes, however, her sports bra was on the side.

She looked up toward the shower head closing her eyes as she ran her hands across her torso and breasts rubbing the cold water into her skin.

"You're sure as hell taking your sweet time"

Sachika jumped slightly upon hearing that statement she spins around readying herself for a fight only to see her older sister, Kaname standing there looking down on her. Sachika breathed out slowly and shivered when she turned the other way, with both hands she clasped the metal railing that was at her head height feeling light-headed.

"I'll be finished soon," Sachika told her sister.

Kaname nodded she turned away about to walk off back towards the beach when Sachika suddenly spoke up again. "I've been thinking...what happened after you graduated the academy?" Sachika asked her sister.

Kaname turned around looking back at her sister she stood there for a moment just looking at Sachika who was still looking the other way. "All I can say is...the world as you know it isn't as perfect as you think" Kaname looked off into the distance as if reminiscing about the past.

"What's that suppose to mean?!" Sachika was agitated at this point so she spun around directing her angry expression at her sister. She was surprised to still see that blank expression on Kaname's face Sachika soon turned away feeling somewhat guilty about her outburst.

"Trust me you'll know when it's time" was all Kaname had to say before walking off leaving Sachika all by herself in the outdoor shower. Sachika remembers vividly how she and her sister was close before she graduated they would always spend time with one another no matter when or where, however, after Kaname's graduation she noticed her older sisters sudden withdrawals from her and the family only visiting one or twice a year if she was lucky. Since then both Sachika and Kaname have never been able to see eye to eye for the most which strained what little sisterly bond remained between the two of them.

Sachika turned forward once again grabbing the metal railing with both hands this time she exerted incredible as she clenched her fists crushing the metal alloy within her palms.

A huge plume of sand and loud thunderous explosions filled the area. Ashlee stood there firing multiple Essence Shards at a target before her expression was void of any emotion a shadow of her bubbly self from beforehand. In the distance, the sounds of shouting could be heard.

Both Uli and Aiko jumped out of the way as a huge explosion happened behind them as did Noel and Bethany. The girls along with Ashlee were also wearing the same sports bras, shorts and running shoes and they were equally sweating from the intense physical pressure they were put under.

"Th..his is crazy...she's trying to kill us or something?!" Uli exclaimed.

"For once...I agree with you" Bethany calmly albeit reluctantly replied while Noel nodded her expression revealing she was rather on edge from what they were witnessing right now. They looked towards Ashlee seeing her once again materialize a crystalline shard out of nothing.

Aiko just stared at Ashlee her breath becoming faster and shorter by the second as she took in Ashlee's emotionless expression it sent an uncomfortable shiver down her back as she prepared for another onslaught of crystal shards.