Gotta put a pin to it,
gotta put a pin to it,
there's a safety in routines,
but you get off on my sadness,
gotta put a pin on it,
whenever I feel you get close.

Something 'bout you,
something 'bout me,
nothing I can do, it's part
of growing up
, they've been
saying, still I'm clueless, tell me
how it goes, press end to start.

And you move like a song,
I fall with a lullaby, and I know,
I know, we only get so much time,
have you figured it out by now?
I'm scared to see the rest of
whatever it is you dream about.

Hit the breaks, honey, boy,
I'll let you in on a secret,
I'll let you in, I feel like I'm
falling apart, all I want is to know
if you're the same, doubtful, I'm a fool,
red with the sting of a lesson learned.

And we're shaking, a need
I don't know how to name at
the tip of my fingertips,
I'd be safer in hiding but I'm
bare - of past intentions, of
any other thing that isn't this.

No, no, I feel better saying it,
denying it, wrapped in a delusion
of self-awareness, I'm alone,
I'm okay, no, count from one
to ten, once more: off, on, muffled
by reality, bitter tasting fantasies.

We play like a song I never
dared to...