Upon the night of a blue moon, a magical creature sat perched on a lonely dying tree. It watched the world with fascination as it glistened with a bluish tint, as though swimming in radiant waters. All wildlife was silent beneath the remarkable moon, knowing all was not as it appeared.

Slowly the magical creature spread its golden wings dotted with tiny star-like emblems, and walked to the edge of a branch. Now was the time for its kind to blossom. The humans had taken away enough of this earth. Soon they would all but vanish, disappearing like the sun at dusk, never to arise again.

The creatures hidden in the depths of the earth's core began to fly towards the moon's enchanting glow. It beckoned them silently with a call heard only by the heart of those mystical and lost...

All was calm as a deep tranquil sleep gradually encased humankind.

A strange bluish-glow covered all essence in a blanket of slumber-like death.

Some tried to fight the urge, still propped up at a late-night bar or forcibly holding a steering wheel before slowly losing all feeling and drooping onto the gentle rise and fall of their chests. Others welcomed it, glad to finally find peace from hectic lives and endless heartache and disappointments.

"There is nothing quite like this feeling. It is deep and sombre, yet strangely familiar and comforting. The world is so full of darkness, nothing but an abyss of empty lifelessness surrounds us all. Yet, the darkness allows us to dream, of majestic colours soaring in skies and dazzling waves dancing far below.

In my dreams, I can do anything. Be anything. Only the darkness can bestow such recompense. It is only when I awake that the hollowness hits. Such a striking blow, taking all the wind from my soul and forcing me tumbling into monstrous gloom.

This feeling is endless. Each day it multiplies and torments. Hunting me like a shadowed assassin, stealing my wondrous dreams and leaving me bare. If only I could dream forever and never return.

There must be a way."