To the Department Head of the

Space and Time Research Division:

I have an urgent complaint

That must be brought to your attention.


My name is Gary Andrews

And the other week

My mom and pop came over

To sneak a peak

At our transdimensional gate


Some dingus left it on

I'm not pointing fingers

They waited for me there but

Here's the zinger

When I came back I was too late.


They got sucked in leaving no trace

They're lost somewhere in outer space

The two of them are out of place

Allow me to just cut to the chase!


My parents shouldn't be trapped in another dimension

Doreen and Ned aren't cut for this

They're 58!

They're lost somewhere out in the universe

Fighting aliens, but hey it could be worse

At least mom has her cluttered purse

In Another Dimension.


We worked countless night until

Finally we made contact.

My parents say they're fine

But they're ship's barely in tact


They're going on adventures

Travelling through the stars

Thanks to some imbecile here,

I'm pretty sure it was Lars

For landing them in this galactic mess.


Dad's facing off against

The evil Gorlactrex

Mom's freed the Shree Diprals

Of Horlon 6

You know, it also could have been Jess.


While on the temptress planet Zia

The women's aphrodisia

Didn't work on Ned cause he's a

Loyal husband without Viagra.


My parents shouldn't be trapped in another dimension.

Though they're happy that I finally started

Calling them more.

They insulted the King of Brigaroot

Cause Dad insists on calling the queen, Groot.

And neither of them look good in skin tight space suits

In Another Dimension


We've just received word that

They've been captured on an asteroid.

Also Rebecca mentioned that the

Last one working might have been Lloyd.


The Cyborgs of Plygons

Tried to Assimilate

But found out they had surgery

And got iron plates

Thinking they were allies they just let em go.


Ned got them out of their in ship

Doreen disabled the shield

The resistance showed up

But the cyborgs would not yield.

So Dad went and pulled off a Han Solo


Ignoring their arthritis

They ended the crisis

The cyborgs met their demises

I couldn't believe my irises


My parents shouldn't be trapped in another dimenson

The entire quadrant celebrated them.

Dad won the heart of Princess Xordical

Who wanted to wrap him up in her tentacles.

But Mom got jealous and went visceral.


My parents shouldn't trapped in another dimension.

They need to come back home and retire.

I've narrowed it down to Craig Briar

I'm positive he's the one you should fire.

For making my parents save an empire

In Another Dimension.

In Another Dimension.

In Another Dimension.

Hope you enjoyed this, I just came up with this silly, Weird Al-esque song one night and thought it'd be fun to write down and post this.