I don't know what on Earth I was thinking and nobody probably cares, so I'm just gonna write this story. Don't mind me just read.

My name? Brina Kyu, but you can call me Bri for short. I'm a screenwriter...but it wasn't always that way of course. You may have heard of my first and most famous movie, By Force or By Nothing. If you haven't, well, this story will have a ton of spoilers. This is the story about how I became a screenwriter.

I was eighteen, fresh out of high school and honestly, not planning on going to college, at all. All I knew was I wanted to be known. My older sister was already a DJ so I wanted to be a step above that. Our story begins at roughly eight pm. "I will not be the one to die. I will not be the one to be harmed in anyway. Carlos, my final words to you, a brief summary of what has been said, will be these words. I will never, ever be your wife." I said to my uncle's old china dolls. I was trying to get inspiration by saying the last sentences with my eyes closed and the first things I see would be the inspiration for the next few lines. It's a strange thing I do when I have writer's block. I opened my eyes to see the sun setting over the willow trees in my backyard. I gathered my pen and book and continued the script. "Lame lines loser." a voice said from my bedroom door. It was one of my three brothers, Ronan. I looked at him in the corner of my eye and asked "What do you want this time simpleton?". As I was writing, I noticed my book start to shuffle to the right hand side. Suddenly, Ronan snatched the book and started reading through the script I was writing. There was silence for a few seconds as he was reading the script. That's when he burst into laughter and threw my book behind him, into my bin. "You actually think you can make the big screen with that lame script? You probably won't even make it to the stage where they act out all the boring stories." Ronan snorted. He walked out of my room with his sides splitting and shut the door behind him. I sighed and got my book out of the trash. There was a slight pen mark from when Ronan snatched it but nothing a little corrector tape can't fix. I grabbed the corrector tape out of my drawer and spread it over the line. I then picked up my pen and continued writing. Suddenly, my door opened again. I turned around to see who it was, hoping it wasn't one of my siblings trying to crush my spirits again. Thank goodness, it was only my father. "Hey Sunshine. How's my little scriptwriter?" he asked. I smirked and said "I'll be better once I move out.". My dad chuckled and put something on my desk before leaving. I picked it up and noticed what it was.

It was a resume with hired stamped on it. I read it closer and it was an acting job! "DAD!" I bellowed at the top of my lungs. I got out of my seat and stormed into my dad's room. "Dad, I don't want to be an actress." I said. "Well you're putting your name out there. What's wrong with being an actress?" my dad said calmly. "Tons of things. Sometimes there's revealing clothes, sometimes there's inappropriate scenes and if it's not those there's always some scene I don't want to act in." I argued. My dad sighed and left me alone in his room. He turned to me for a brief second and said "We all have to make compromises in life. My biggest compromise was letting your mother have you, you disgrace.". He then turned back around and left. I was full of shock. How could my own father say something so hurtful towards his own daughter. I ran back to my room and jumped onto my bed. I hid my face in my pillows to cover up my sobs. I hated my family. The entire eighteen years I have been alive, I have suffered abuse from the majority of my siblings. My father is also rude to me ever since my mother left him. My bedroom door opened and I sobbed "Go away!". "It's Clarity." a singsong call came from the door. I turned my tear filled face towards the door to see my sixteen year old sister Clarity smiling at me. I sat up and wiped the tears from my face. Clarity strode over to my bedside and sat beside me. She rubbed my fringe and asked "You're script done yet? I can't wait to read it.". I smiled at her and gave her my book. I was almost finished but I wanted her to read it before I went to have my life ruined by a producer who would probably point out how ugly I am. I watched Clarity's face light up as she read through the script. "I see you're almost done. Y'know finish it tonight and maybe it might be published." she beamed as she handed me back the book. I smiled before hearing her say "You've come a long way. Don't you dare stop now." before she left me. I knew what I had to do. I picked up my pen and went back to writing my script.

It was the next morning when I got to the studio and was talking to the producer. "What do you mean casting has been cancelled?" I asked. "Sorry Miss Kyu but I accidentally deleted all the scripts. I'm such an idiot." the young scriptwriter sobbed. That's when it hit me. This was my time. I handed my book to the producer and said "I wrote this myself.". The producer read the script carefully. In my mind, I was praying. It was never my dream to be an actress. Ever since my mother, a famous writer, died, I wanted to write as a career. The producer closed the book and went silent. "You're hired Miss Kyu." He said after a long pause. I was relieved and overjoyed. "Come back tomorrow and you and you can meet our head designer. I believe you might already know her. Her surname is also Kyu but she is a misses." the producer explained. With that I knew exactly who I would be working with, Ronan's wife Una. I was thrilled as I left and got into my car. This was the most thrilling moment in my entire life.