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"Good morning, sunshine!" Blaze exclaimed loudly as he pulled back curtains so that they weren't covering the window any longer. The room brightened up, much to the displeasure of his long time friend and superior.

When he heard the cocking of a gun, he knew that was his queue to leave the bedroom. "Damn earthquake, he's always waking me up early," the guy said.

"Kano, stop trying to kill Blaze. Put the gun away!" a voice found its way to his ears. The guy, now known as Kano, sighed heavily. Why were so many people invading his personal space?

Kano was about six feet tall, with long black hair that reached down to the floor. He had a lean and muscular build that helped with power and speed. He had pointy elf-like ears that were at least six inches long reaching out to the left and right of him. His eyes were narrow. His right eye was a fiery red and his left eye was a deep golden color and it had a beauty mark below it on his left cheek. There was an old scar across his nose. He had a small beard that couldn't be classified as a beard, but as stubble that was easy to see. He had a tan olive skin tone.

To many women and even men, he was considered drop-dead gorgeous. However, he never really paid either much attention. Kano walked to the bathroom located inside of his bedroom, showered and dressed himself. His underclothes consisted of briefs under a long sleeve black shirt, black compression pants and white socks. He wore loose black pants over the compression pants which were kept at bay by black combat boots with dark red laces. After that there was a weighted and armored blood red vest that went over the shirt, followed by a long black trench coat with a big golden KZ on the back. He wore black fingerless gloves that had black knuckle plates.

Kano then proceeded to style his hair. He began to braid his hair. There were four large braids, each in four different sections of his head. There was plenty of loose hair left over. He tied a band around the ends of all the hair, including the braids, leaving a head's length untied. His two bangs fell on the sides of his face reaching down to his chin.

After looking himself over one more time, Kano looked in the mirror with a playful smirk and walked out of the bathroom. The whole process took a total of fifteen minutes.

He walked into his living room where his two friends, Blaze and Raiza, were sitting on his couch.

Raiza was the same height as Kano with the same build, with short, wild and spiky white hair with streaks of light lavender. He had a brown sugar skin color. His eyes were narrow, a mellow light lavender. He had short elf-like ears. He wore the same clothes as Kano, except his armored vest was dark blue as were his shoe laces. His trench coat had a white RK on the back.

Blaze was a head shorter than both Raiza and Kano with long red hair that reached his lower back. He always wore it up in a high ponytail with no hair falling in his eyes. His build was slightly thicker than both Kano and Raiza. His skin was just a bit darker than Kano's. His eyes were narrow and an emerald green color. His ears were elf-like and a little longer than Raiza's. He had the same outfit as Kano and Raiza, except his armored vest was dark green and the BM on the back of the trench coat was the same color as his eyes.

"It's about time you finished," Raiza greeted him with a high five. "You know today's the introduction ceremony and we four are security."

"You say four, but I don't see Zaku," Kano said while opening the front door of his home and motioning for his friends to follow him.

Blaze decided it was time for him to join the conversation and said, "True, Zaku's waiting for us at the headmaster's office."

"Alright then, team mode active. You two survey campus grounds and I'll meet up with Zaku and we'll speak with the headmaster. I expect you two at the ceremony before we get there."

"Yes," the two said simultaneously and then disappeared in two different directions not needing to speak to know who would patrol where.

Kano quickly made his way to the headmaster's office which was on the other side of campus away from the fighting division quarters.

Zaku was there, just as Blaze said standing at the secretary's desk.

Zaku was Blaze's twin brother. They looked exactly alike except for hair and eye color. Zaku had jet black hair and charcoal black eyes. His outfit was all black except for the white ZM on the back of his trench coat.

Kano walked up to him and Zaku gave a short nod. "Didn't get enough sleep?"

Kano said, "More like almost murdered Blaze for interrupting my sleep." That earned him a laugh from Zaku.

"Of course. Seems like he just doesn't get that you wake up at a specific time every day," Zaku said after he finished laughing.

"We've known each other forever, so I can't see why that earthquake doesn't get it. I think he does it just to annoy me. Raiza always gives him a good shock for me, even though he always scolds me for threatening him with my precious Ivy. I don't ever attack him, well not lethally," Kano said while looking off to the side.

"Right, can I assume team mode as active and report now?" Zaku asked.

"Affirmative, report." The air around Kano became more cool and serious.

"The headmaster is not in his office. His whereabouts are known, but I don't think I should tell you seeing as you might find him and castrate him," Zaku said.

"Cheer Squad Pre-Ceremonial Check," Kano said with a tick mark forming on his forehead. "That pervy old lazy bastard, when I get my hands on-," a murderous aura had begun to surround him until Zaku stepped in.

"Can you not? The ceremony starts in one hour. I'll go get him, commander. Please try to control your temper and don't destroy anything," he said while running out of the building towards where the ceremony was being held.

Kano looked at the secretary. She glared back at him. "Why are you still here, monster?" Kano was angry, but he did not retaliate. He did not glare. He sighed and did not acknowledge her with a response.

He calmed himself and walked after Zaku at a slower pace. The longer it took him to get there, the calmer he would be.

When he arrived at the ceremonial site, just as expected, Zaku and Blaze were there. "No problems around campus I trust?" When he got a nod from Blaze, he said, "Where's the headmaster?"

"He's being scolded by Raiza, who is threatening him with a lightning bolt," Zaku pointed behind him.

A dark cloud was above the headmaster's head who was kneeling before Raiza who had his arms crossed while saying something that Kano didn't care to hear.

Kano walked over and put his hand on Raiza's shoulder. "Leave him to me, get in position, the ceremony starts in fifteen minutes."

Raiza gave a quick nod and went to one of the four pillars stationed around the ceremony grounds. Of course the entire place was somewhat futuristic looking, however there was an ancient feel to it. Kano breathed in the air around him and looked down at the headmaster.

The headmaster actually wasn't old. Well, he was old, but he didn't look old. He was actually about three thousand years old, just like Kano. Raiza, Zaku, and Blaze were half that, but all five looked no older than twenty-five. The headmaster had a lean and fit figure that was a few inches taller than Kano and Raiza, pale olive skin and snowy white hair that was in a shoulder-length bob. His narrow light blue eyes were sharp but gave people a sense of tranquility. He was wearing a black suit with a short gold cloak around his shoulders. His black top-hat had a gold trim around it with small bottles of various types of air and potions strapped to it. His shoes were black as well, with gold soles.

"Farah," Kano said slowly, trying to keep his cool.

"A-ah Kano, I didn't expect you to get here so fast. Are you and your men ready?" the headmaster, now known as Farah, stuttered out, not wanting to be on the receiving end of Kano's anger.

"I hate when you don't keep your appointments you lazy bastard," Kano glared at Farah. The headmaster ran to the stage, as the ceremony would start in five minutes.

"Glare at me later, we have freshmen to welcome! Also, I have something to talk to you about after the ceremony, so rush straight to my office once it's over. That's an order~!" he yelled merrily as he ran away.

Kano could only sigh and put his aura away as he noticed he had been scaring a few of the freshmen that would be starting at Karan Academy that year. He went and stood at the pillar that none of the others were occupying.

Five minutes passed and Farah was on the stage with a mic in his hand. He said, "Welcome new students to Karan Academy. I am the headmaster, Farah Are Karan. I founded this school to show others that natural talent and prodigies do not have the final say. Hard work and practice are important. At first, there were two of us, travelling along and practicing the art of weapon summoning."

Kano listened to Farah talk, remembering those times from long ago, when he and Farah were just teens. Kano lost both parents at a very young age, for a group of mercenaries were ordered to kill as many people in his tribe, Dragana. They wouldn't have been able to do so if most of the tribe people weren't asleep. Kano witnessed the slitting of both of his parents' throats and knew he could do nothing, so he ran. He did not cry over the death of his parents. He did not know the reason because he was very close to them.

He had found a small cave and hid there for three whole days, only coming out to hunt for food and to bathe in a nearby stream.

The tribe leader, Krys, who knew Kano and his parents, believed that Kano would do something like this and found him after those three days.

The leader learned of what happened and he and his wife adopted Kano.

Kano always liked to explore when he was young and often went on long trips. The wife of the tribe leader, Cana, held a healing dragon. He would come home seven or eight days later with scratches where she would fret over him and then scold him before healing him.

He was always aware that he could die, but that just seemed to excite him. He explored deep into the forests around the place in which his tribe lived, always finding new places to claim as his own.

Dragana was a small tribe, but the people were quite strong and intelligent. Kano knew everyone in the tribe, but didn't really get attached to anyone but his adoptive parents. The people in the tribe all had similar ears and jet black hair. Eye color varied. Dragon tattoos littered their bodies, but only if they wished for others to see them.

The tattoos represented the dragon and the power of the dragon that lived inside of them. Some people did hold more than one. The tribe leader was the strongest of them all, because he held four dragons. No one in the tribe held any of the eight legendary dragons. No one had ever wielded those powers that surely promised destruction if in the wrong hands. If that ever happened, that person would've surely been stronger than anyone in the tribe.

No dragons could come close in power or reputation to the legendary eight. Their names were Huojin, Raiga, Valra, Talula, Jurah, Aura, Blitz, and Kasper.

One day, Kano went exploring for even longer than usual. He left marks on trees or in the ground in order to find his way back. He found a huge clearing with a big waterfall surrounded by tall trees. The leaves were a very vibrant green and the water was so clear and beautiful. The large pond that the waterfall filled looked shallow. There in that pond were eight tall pillars, all with shelled balls on top. They seemed to be calling to Kano. He walked towards them slowly. The pillars seemed to lower as he got closer. Once he had reached the first pillar which had a golden, scaly ball on top, they were waist-high. Kano touched the ball and instantly blacked out.

When he woke up, he was on really soft dirt. "Finally awake, little one?" his ear twitched at the sound of a soft, but strong voice.

"Aura don't get too close to it," Kano heard a deep authoritative voice say. Was he dead?

"Jin, he's just a child. From those features, he's of the Dragana tribe," that same soft voice said.

Jin and Aura? Those names seemed familiar.

"What do you think of him, Raiga?" the deep voice said.

"I think he's absolutely adorable!" a female voice said. It was smooth and reminded Kano of water.

"His hair isn't long enough," a different male voice said. It boomed like thunder and then all was silent.

"Raiga, he's not a dragon. It takes time for their hair to grow. It doesn't grow as fast as yours," that smooth female voice said.

"Hi, young one. Which ball did you touch to get here?" a gentle male voice reached Kano's ears.

"Do you think he can understand us, Jurah?" an annoyed male voice said.

"All children of the Dragana tribe can naturally understand the language of dragons, Kasper," the gentle voice patiently reminded this Kasper.

"Let him fully come to first," an authoritative female voice said.

Kano was so confused, but he knew he wouldn't get anywhere if he didn't sit up and look around to figure out was happening. He sat up on his elbows and before him sat eight huge dragons. His eyes widened at the sight. "No way…." he mumbled. He was thinking he knew where he was and what these dragons were. He looked directly at the golden dragon and said, "Huojin."

Sure, everyone knew the legendary eight, but no one knew exactly what they looked like. Of course, there were vague descriptions of appearances and feats, but even then, the descriptions had been so mixed up, the eight were still a mystery. The fact that this kid could come in and name the king without even knowing what he looked like was pretty impressive. Heck, the fact that the kid could see the king was impressive. Huojin spoke back. "Yes?"

No one expected what happened next either. Kano stood and then knelt before the dragons. "My name is Kano Zelta. With your permission and the seven that serve directly by your side, I'd like for all eight of you to mark me!" Kano said with a look of determination on his face. The dragons seemed to be stunned into silence. They had never marked anyone. This kid didn't just want one of them, he wanted all of them. It seemed insolent, but he was completely serious.

"What makes you think you're worthy of all of us?" Huojin asked with a bit of interest in his voice.

"I don't. You're the legendary eight and it's a stupid request, but something's pulling me towards all of you. Mark me and I promise I will become stronger and I won't ruin the reputation of the power that any of you hold. Please allow me to get to know and fight and protect with all of you," Kano said as he came up from his kneeling position.

"If you can name us all, then I'll allow it," Huojin said, surprising the other seven with him.

"Jin, what are you saying?" Raiga asked in shock.

"I'm king and I will not be questioned. Understood?" Huojin looked at his brother for confirmation, which he received when the other dragon nodded his head. He also felt a pull towards this kid and he felt this was the right thing to do.

Kano looked at all of them and he had made his decision. They seemed to represent their powers. The heads of the females weren't as defined as those of the males and he recognized one's voice from the question that had been asked.

"You on Huojin's left," Kano pointed at the dragon with spiky white scales and dark blue eyes, "Your name is Raiga, the storm dragon." The dragon showed no indication that he was right, but he knew he was. "You next to Raiga, your name is Talula, water dragon." Once again, the dragons made no move to show that he was correct. He skipped the red dragon next to Talula and went to the black dragon next to that one. "Your name is Valra, the death dragon. You next to her are the nature dragon, Jurah. You next to him, are the jeweled dragon, Kasper. Two left, meaning you on the other side of Huojin are Aura, the wind queen, and you next to Valra are Blitz, the carnage dragon." Kano finished and waited for confirmation though he didn't need it.

Huojin was the dragon king. He wielded several different flames, all used for different reasons. He had smooth golden scales and black eyes, claws and horns. His wings were black with a golden outline. It was hard to see him if your heart was not pure. He was the mate of Aura.

Raiga was the storm dragon. All skies bowed down to him and followed his every command. Raiga was the brother of Huojin, the two always by the other's side. Raiga looked very similar to Huojin, but with the color scheme of spiky white scales and dark blue eyes, claws and horns. His wings were dark blue with a white outline.

Valra was a female dragon, a dragon of death. Anything her power touched would have the life sucked out of it. Surely, death is always a powerful weapon. An all black dragon with an air of doom around her would surely scare anyone away, even if she didn't show her power. She was not a scaly dragon, but she had fur. It was slick like that of a black panther, and the tip of her tail was a poof of hair similar to that of a horse's tail. Although it looked soft and easy to scratch, the skin underneath the fur was absolutely indestructible. She was the mate of Blitz, the blood dragon. They often fought together and combined attacks.

Talula was also female, the dragon of ice and water. Water and ice of any kind followed her every command. Talula was the mate of Raiga and they did the same as Valra and Blitz. Talula almost looked transparent with her glossy icy white shell and light blue eyes. Though the skin looked soft and delicate, it was actually quite tough. Her wings were light blue with a white outline.

Jurah was the dragon of nature. Nature did as was told in his presence. Jurah had a spiky brown shell surrounding his entire body. He had glowing green eyes, and his wings were green with a brown outline. Jurah had no mate, for he was never really looking. He was a wise advisor to Huojin and often told him how nature felt about his decisions. How nature felt is how Jurah felt. If nature was angry, Jurah was angry. If nature was calm and happy, Jurah was calm and happy, and that's how it was quite often.

Aura was a female dragon. She was the dragon of air and wind. She and Raiga got along quite nicely, but Aura was the queen of dragons, and Huojin's mate. Aura was a dragon with white scales and her eyes were a beautiful flashing golden color. Her wings were gold with a white lining. You would often find her by Huojin's side as a loyal and supportive mate. Aura was a great healer, but did not use her power often as Huojin would not let her, saying many were not worthy to be touched by her power. Aura was never annoyed by this, knowing Huojin only did it as a way of flattery. He often healed whoever needed it himself.

Blitz was the dragon of carnage, blood, and massacre. Although all of these things sound extremely awful, Blitz was a kind dragon. He did not take part in the activities if not necessary, and would often try to keep to himself, only really letting Valra in. Blaze was a blood red dragon with white trim on all of his scales. He had sharp white teeth and His eyes were a bloody red color as well but his wings were white with a red outline.

Kasper was a valuable dragon. His entire coat was made out of precious stones and precious metals. He was a creator of many weapons and jewelry and had a strong love for both. All of the stones and metals were outlined in white, but his wings were black with a ruby red trim. He was the only dragon of the eight with a mark on his face. A gold cross lay in the middle of his forehead. His eyes were pure white.

Kano had indeed been correct.

"You are a sharp one indeed. Very well, all eight of us will mark you. Be warned young one, this will be a very painful process that could end fatally. If you are truly worthy, you will not die," Huojin confirmed. All eight of the dragons were enveloped in a bright white light that made Kano cover his eyes. When the light disappeared, he was engulfed in an indescribable pain. He felt as if every nerve in his body had turned against him and wanted to bring him a slow and painful end.

However, he needed this. He needed to protect his people. He wanted to scream. He wanted to cry. He wanted to pass out. Heck, he wanted to die. His will would not allow it. He wanted to show the legendary eight that he was worthy, and this would definitely be a good way to start. It would also keep him alive, so that was a plus.

It felt like the pain had lasted for twelve hours, when in truth it was only twelve minutes. When it was over, Kano could not stand, but he was conscious. He then heard a voice in his head. "You did well. I, Huojin, king of all dragons, give you our power eternally. You may do with us as you please, Kano Zelta."

From then on, Kano would go through many things that would lead him to meet his best friend. Farah Are Karan was, in a few words, a happy idiot. When Kano came across him, he had an unreasonably strong urge to punch him in the face. However, he had learned restraint. Kano was 15 at the time.

After leaving his village, Kano went out into the world on a quest to be the strongest. Unfortunate circumstances led to him not being able to protect his people anymore. On this journey, he found a lot of quiet places to meditate. He had the chance to meet the dragons in their human forms and speak with and learn about them. They began to train him mentally and they could even manifest themselves outside of his body to train him physically. The training was his worst fears and nightmares coming to life and then being multiplied by ten million.

It had been seven long years since he left his village and he had grown much stronger than he could ever imagine. Having eight legendary dragons inside your body clearly had it's advantages.

Though his skin didn't look like it, it could not be harmed or scratched, unless this damage be done by a dragon. His eyesight was rivaled by no other. His body was in peak condition then and he had unbelievably fast reflexes. His strength was enough to lift 5 cars stacked on top of each other. His aura was that of a dragon, and not even the strongest animals would attack him.

He had been walking through several villages, meeting new people, making friends, and also making enemies. Farah was…..special. He was nicer than other nobles and treated Kano kindly.

"Dream on, dad would never buy that for you, Farah," Kano heard an obnoxious female voice as he walked through the Kingdom of Karan. It was by far one of the biggest places he had ever seen, so he wanted to explore it all.

"Why wouldn't he buy me a soul crystal, Risa?"

"You wouldn't know how to use one," she stated matter of factly.

"I could learn!"

"You have to have natural talent, you can't just use soul crystals!"

"Hmph! You think you're so special just because you can summon a small dagger," Kano heard him say and that definitely caught his attention.

"A small dagger, you say?" he walked up to them and asked.

"It's none of your business, peasant," the girl said to him.

She was a small thing. She was just as pale as her brother, with long ginger hair and bright blue eyes.

"Risa, don't be rude! You know about weapon summoning?" Farah asked excitedly.

"Yeah, I guess I'm okay at it," Kano said as he summoned a futuristic looking assault rifle.

"Okay?! You have to be at least Master Level 1 to summon something like that!" Farah exclaimed.

Kano dismissed the weapon and rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. He wasn't about to tell them that he had completely mastered the art and was holding back. Kasper made sure of that.

"You don't have to have natural talent for weapon summoning. You just have to have the right soul crystal," he said. "It would be a waste of your father's money to buy that one though, you're more suited to something light and airy. Also, soul crystals are sacred, so I wouldn't get one for everyone to see." Kano said before he walked away.

It would be a whole two weeks before he saw the white-haired noble again.

He was in the forest outside of Karan and he came upon the prince of Karan being chased by a Velociraptor. Of course he jumped in and slayed the creature with very little effort.

"It's you!" Farah yelled.

"Name's Kano, you?" Kano said, tired of not being called by his name.

"Farah, thanks for saving me Kano," Farah answered.

"Mind telling me what you were doing out in this dangerous forest all by yourself?" Kano asked.

"I could ask you the same thing," Farah answered.

"I can defend myself out here. Not like I have anywhere to live, might as well live in the forest," Kano said.

"Wait, you're homeless? You certainly don't look like it," Farah said in shock.

"Well, I try not to look homeless," Kano said. Kasper would kill me, Kano thought to himself.

"What about your parents?! Did they abandon you?!" Farah asked.

"Nope. They were killed when I was little. I started travelling and training a little while after that happened, so here I am," Kano said. "You still haven't answered my question."

"O-oh well, I got a soul crystal last week and I was practicing with no luck and the dinosaur stumbled in on me and I guess it was hungry for a noble," Farah answered.

"Can I see your soul crystal?" Kano asked.

Farah blushed, "Isn't that a bit personal?"

"I'll show you mine," Kano said.

"But didn't you say that they were sacred?"

"I did. I'm only showing it to you," Kano said.

"Alright then."

Kano held out his hand and a rainbow colored crystal appeared. Farah's eyes widened as he gazed at the crystal in awe. "It's beautiful, where'd you get it?"

"Made it myself," Kano answered. "Now, show me yours." He dismissed his crystal.

"It's not anything close to yours, but-," Farah reached for his necklace and pulled the crystal that was hiding in his shirt out so Kano could see. It was a plain white crystal.

"It's still not right for you. Give it here," Kano held out his hand. Farah was hesitant at first, but he didn't feel like this guy was a bad person, so he handed it over. "Good, now give me your hand."

"W-what? Why?"

"I need to feel you. Your energy, your flow, your entire essence," Kano replied. Farah didn't know what was going on, but he did as told and placed his right hand in Kano's left. Next thing he knew, a vibrant energy raced through him and he felt warm.

"Kano...w-what is this?" Farah asked, not that he hated the feeling.

"It's your essence," Kano replied. "You're warm and kind to others, aren't you? Pretty carefree? Adventurous?"

"You could say that," Farah said. Kano began to squeeze the crystal in his right hand until it disintegrated into dust. Farah was about to protest, but a rush of familiar, but foreign energy entered him. Then, the feeling was gone. "What just happened? You destroyed my crystal!"

"Whatever you just felt, hold your hand out and try to imagine it," Kano said.

"Farah did just that and that same energy flowed throughout his body as a bright blue crystal hovered above his hand.

"That's your soul crystal," Kano said. "It reflects who you are. Now, imagine a weapon while simultaneously channeling that energy."

Farah thought of his favorite weapons. He loved swords. He imagined a sword in his hand while channeling energy and a rapier appeared.

"I...did it. I did it!" he yelled enthusiastically.

Kano smirked. "Good job, Farah," he said. Next thing he knew, he was being wrapped in a hug.

"Thanks! Hey...would you come…" he mumbled something that Kano didn't quite make out even with enhanced hearing.

"What was that?"

"WOULD YOU COME BACK TO THE CASTLE WITH ME?" Farah exclaimed with a very visible blush on his pale face.

"Is that allowed?" Kano asked.

"If I tell dad what you did for me, I'm sure it would be," Farah said.

"If it's allowed, sure I will. Lead the way," Kano shrugged.

Yeah, most of this chapter is a flashback. We'll get back to the actual story in the next part. Hope you enjoyed!