Welcome back everyone! Sorry it took so long to post this, I wanted to at least get halfway through the next chapter before posting this one. My babies will be going back home in this chapter and new characters will be introduced. I've also got another surprise for Kano, maybe two. Let's get to it!


"Farah! Get up, we have to go back to my parents' graves," Kano tapped his best friend's forehead.

"Five more minutes love," Farah mumbled.

"Up now or I'm shooting you and I'm cutting off Aura's power and you'll have to wait until I get back for healing," Kano said at a normal volume.

Farah jumped up quickly after hearing that. "I'm up, just let me shower and change," he waved Kano off.

Kano walked to the front where the kitchen and the living room were and saw his adoptive parents eating grace meat and large hard boiled eggs.

"Are those raptor eggs?" Kano asked.

"Yep, want some?" Cana asked as she offered him one. Kano sat down with them and took a bite out of the egg.

"Still a great cook for sure," he said while savoring the egg.

"So...Kano, you never explained what was going on between you and the prince back there, oh I meant the king," Krys joined the conversation.

"He's my best friend that just so happens to have feelings for me," Kano answered.

"I see...so how do you feel about him?" Krys asked.

"He's adorable, I think you should go for it," Cana said.

"Cana…" Krys began.

"Do you guys want me to answer the question or are we finished here?" Kano was done eating the egg.

"Sorry, go ahead," Krys said.

"I'm not opposed to his feelings, but I'm also not emotionally prepared for a relationship. We've both been through a lot of loss and suffering. However, Farah brought his problems to me and I kept my own to myself," Kano explained.

"So you're basically stewing a big set of emotions?" Cana asked.

"That's exactly what he's doing," Farah joined in. "We worked on anger for about two months and he's opening up more. Now, we're working on sadness."

"Kano you don't have to bear any burdens alone. Understand that we are here for you, he's here for you, and there are eight extremely wise dragons inside of your head that are here for you," Cana said. "We all care about you and we really do hate to see you like this, so when it comes to emotions, just let it out. Even the strongest men cry and need someone to lean on at times. Don't be afraid of emotions."

"Couldn't have said it better myself," Aura spoke to Kano.

"We do care about you, hatchling," Jin said.

"Having a strong guard is important for sure, but it's okay to let it down for those that won't hurt you when you're vulnerable," Aura smiled as she said this. "It's definitely okay to love as well. There's a perfect guy for you!"

"Aura, please," Jin ran his hand down his face. "Slowly."

"Kano, you had to leave," Krys said. "We understand that and don't blame you for not being here to protect the village. The Dragana still live on and we're not going anywhere no matter what."

Kano nodded in understanding. He stood up and said, "To mom and dad we go. We'll be back in a few hours."

Farah POV…

Kano and I were making our ways back to his parents' gravestones. His hair was back to its beautiful long length, thank the dragons.

"See? Emotions aren't all that bad, even your adoptive parents support it," I said.

"And us I guess," Kano said earning another blush from me. One day, I'd like to go one day without blushing, but I know that's asking too much.

"K-Kano it doesn't matter who supports us if we're not both all for it," I said.

"I said I wasn't opposed to it," Kano said.

"What does that mean? Do you want it or not?" I asked. I maybe...sort of raised my voice.

"I don't know what I want Farah. My best friend that I've been saving and comforting and teaching and helping and giving in to for years has feelings for me and he's had these feelings for fucking centuries. Yes, it was always a possibility and I know that, but this is all new to me now. In case you weren't aware, Xiu died thinking that he had to protect me and I blame myself for not opening up to him more. I blame myself that he was blown up on a battlefield to absolutely nothing so I wasn't even able to bury him. I've been shutting people out since the very first two people in my life that I cared about died in front of me and I was helpless. It's not exactly easy to open up when you've been closed off for thousands of years, so you'll have to excuse me for not jumping for joy or flying into your arms about being in a relationship," Kano ranted and kicked down trees as he did so. The area looked like a physical fight and not a verbal one had taken place.

Okay, so I probably shouldn't have yelled. Kano was not moving now and he was staring at the ground. "Kano…"

"Can we just stop talking about this? I just want to finish the ceremony, go home, and start working to get my people to Karan," Kano started walking again.

When we finally made it to the clearing where the gravestones were, Kano went to where his hair had been soaking and took it out of the water. "Now to call out my dragons and get flames from them," Kano said.

Kano called out all eight of them and said, "Would you all please form the flame?"

"What do you mean?" I asked him.

"They all put their essence into one flame every ten years and their host's hair, or my hair, activates the available power that it provides. It's something in our DNA. It only lasts for 10 years because of the size of the flame," Kano explained to me.

"I see, so what will you do with the flame?" I asked.

"My hair will take another day to absorb the essence from the flame they are creating," Kano explained.

"We're finished, Kano. We also have something we want to talk to you about," Huojin said. "Alone if you don't mind." He looked at me.

"We'll leave the clearing, stay here Farah," Kano ordered.

"Alright," I sat down in front of the gravestones and began to speak to them again. "I'm back Mr. And Mrs. Zelta. Turns out your entire tribe isn't completely gone. That seemed to bring Kano back if only just a bit. He yelled at me today, he barely ever raises his voice unless he's trying to be heard by many." I touched my lips. "You know he kissed me yesterday and it was unexpected, but it was nice. His adoptive parents are supportive of his situation. He blames himself for everything, your deaths, the tribe leaving, lovers' deaths. We're trying to tell him that he doesn't have to do that. You know, I kind of wish you could tell him."

Kano and his dragons...No POV

"Kano, it's about your parents' graves. They have this weird energy coming off of them and it does so happen to be from dragons and it isn't us that it's coming from," Jin said.

"Do you know who it is coming from then?" Kano asked him.

"They...belonged to your parents. Your mom had a fire dragon, Alaina, and a poison dragon, Sven. Your dad had an acidic dragon, Kent, and two feathered dragon siblings, Curio and Ciana," Jin said.

"So, their essence is on mom and dad's graves?" Kano asked.

"No, their concentrates are within the graves. They are trapped unless we dig them up," Jin explained.

"You expect me to disrespect their graves?" Kano looked at his dragons with even more narrow eyes.

"No, hatchling," Jurah interrupted, "We just want you to use my power to feel for the concentrates and pull them out."

"Don't you want the dragons that your parents once had?" Aura asked. "You could add five more to our little family."

"How come you couldn't feel them before?" Kano asked.

"It seems like someone's trying to connect to their spirits and the dragons are feeling it," Jin said. "Like an energy sync."

"Farah…" Kano said. His dragons looked at him funny. "He's been talking out loud and it has probably been to my parents."

"Ah...so he's not doing it on purpose," Valra joined in.

"Of course. I never ever talk to my parents. I do the ceremony and it's done. Wow, some son I am," Kano said more to himself than to his dragons, but they did hear him.

"And you're doing it again," Blitz said. "Blaming yourself for something you couldn't have possibly known about."

"Blitz is right. You should stop blaming yourself, Kano. You didn't know Xiu was going to try and save you. You didn't know that any mercenaries would be coming into your home with the purpose to kill your tribe. You didn't know that stupid humans would raid your village not too long after you left," Kasper said. "None of it is your fault."

"Now, are we going to do this or not?" Jin asked.

"Yeah, let's get them, I bet they've just been aching to stretch their wings," Kano said before pulling his dragons back into his mindscape.

Back to the clearing...Farah POV

I was talking to Kano's parents for a good ten minutes before he came back. He had a very focused look on his face. "Everything okay?" I asked.

He ignored me and sat on the ground in front of his parents' graves. "Mom and dad, I'm sorry," he said. What was he talking about? "I haven't been a good son, have I? I've been coming here every ten years for fifteen hundred years and I never said a word to you. I really don't deserve to do this, but I don't want those dragons to be trapped anymore."

Kano put his hand on the ground and closed his eyes. I was wondering what was happening and then five spheres came up from the dirt directly in front of Kano's hand. The first one was scaly and the scales alternated between a light orange and what seemed to be fuschia. The one next to it was white and spiky-looking with a purple streak running down the middle. The next one looked as if it was made of leather. It was light green and it had a tuft of purplish-black fur on top. The two next to that one were covered in lime green feathers. One had a light purple gem in the middle and the other had a dark purple gem in the middle.

Kano ran his fingers along each one and then he passed out. "Kano!" I got down beside him and felt for a pulse. Of course it was still there. Yeah, I'm stuck here until he wakes up.

Inner World…No POV

Kano awoke in his inner world. "What's going on?" he heard a light female voice.

"Alaina…" a male voice said.

"I'm with her, what the hell is happening? One minute everything's black, next thing we're out in an open field," a deeper male voice said.

"Hey, it's Kent, Ciana, it's Kent!" a childish male voice said.

"I know Curio, I see and hear him," a voice that sounded a lot like Talula to Kano said.

"Can you all be silent and let us explain?" Jin interrupted this little reunion.

The five new dragons kneeled. "My king," they said in unison.

"Stand," Jin commanded and they did so. "Our host has brought you back to the real world."

"All eight of you marked the same person?" Kent came forward.

"Yes we did. He just so happens to be the son of your former hosts," Aura joined the conversation.

Kano had been watching from the sidelines for long enough and decided to join in as well. "Nice to meet all of you," he said.

"Kano…" the one known as Alaina said. She was in human form. Her skin was a light orange and her long hair that was in two pony-tails and round eyes were fuschia. She had dark freckles on her cheeks and ears like the Dragana.

"You look just like him," Kent said. His skin was a light green color. His hair was a purplish black and his narrow eyes were black sclera.

"Heterochromic like your mom," Sven said. His skin was bluish and his spiky white hair had a purple streak down the middle. His right eye was purple and his left eye was white.

"Your dad always said he wanted to introduce us to you. I don't know about your mom, but he wanted us to mark you when he died," Ciana said. Her skin was a dark purple and she had light pink hair. Her narrow eyes were a lime green color. Her little brother, Curio was shorter than her with light purple skin, light pink hair and round lime green eyes.

"Your mother wanted the same," Alaina said.

"Seems like you don't need us now though," Sven said, gesturing to the legendary eight.

"No, I'd still very much like to have you," Kano said.

"He's a great host to have and he's immortal, not that he chose immortality, we're to blame for that," Talula said.

"None of us are feathered. Poisons aren't our expertise and neither is acid. Flames on a less intense scale would also benefit our group greatly," Raiga said giving his brother and Kano a pointed look.

"It was one time Raiga, how was I supposed to know that Jin's flames were hot enough to turn that entire desert into glass?" Kano defended.

"He was only thirty-nine at the time," Jin said. "He was young and inexperienced and even I, being the wise king that I am, don't know how to ease my heat flames."

"The point is, we're not every resource that Kano could have even if we are quite resourceful," Jurah ended the little scolding. "Kano has his own island that is in another dimension. A dimension that he created where we go every now and then and he allows us to roam free. Also, wouldn't you all like to be connected to something of your old hosts? We do understand however if you want no other host and we would use our authority to free you from your concentrates."

"Sounds fun, plus I do miss Kinzo and you seem to be a lot like him. I'm in," Curio said.

"If he's in, I'm in," Ciana said.

"I'd love to be a part of the Zelta line again," Kent said.

"You've reunited us, we were trapped for a long time," Alaina said as she grabbed Sven's hand.

"She's saying we're in," Sven smiled.

"Right," Alaina laughed.

"Then, as a part of the Dragana Tribe, I am asking that the five of you mark me, Kano Zelta," Kano said.

"We will mark you," the five dragons said in unison. They glowed in a bright white light and Kano was in intense pain for about a minute.

Back to the outside...Farah POV

Kano's face scrunched up in pain. His body began to shake violently and I began to panic. "Kano! Wake up...please," I said as I gently ran my hand over his forehead to wipe the sweat off. His arms were visible because he was wearing a tank top and tattoos appeared on them before disappearing. Kano stopped shaking and he woke up. "Kano, are you okay?"

"I'm fine. I didn't mean to worry you," he said. "Ready to go back?"

I nodded and followed him back to Krys and Cana's home. "So, what happened?" I asked.

"Five more dragons have been added to my inner world," Kano said. "They were mom and dad's."

"Those five spheres were dragons?" I asked.

"You could say that. Those were their concentrates. All their power and their forms are concentrated within those spheres," Kano explained. "Dragons roam free until they have a host. This is with the exception of the legendary eight that can concentrate and shrink into their spheres at any time. Once they have a host and their hosts die, they become trapped in their concentrates and are unable to roam free. The legendary eight have the authority to grant the ability to concentrate, meaning they can give trapped dragons the ability to shrink into and come out of their spheres."

"That's interesting. So, what are these new dragons like?"

"Alaina is a fire dragon, but she just has heat flames, they're less intense than Jin's. Sven is a poison dragon. He's immune to all poison and he's able to make poisons and antidotes to poison. Kent is an acidic dragon, I think that pretty much speaks for itself. Ciana and Curio are feathered dragons, they have bird characteristics and some other cool abilities. They can communicate with any animal they so please, but that's an ability I got from Jurah," Kano talked about them with what seemed to be excitement. Dragons were definitely his area of expertise. All dragons came from his dragons, so there's basically a library of dragon knowledge in his mind.

I smiled, "I'm happy for you." We walked and talked until we made it back. I was content listening to Kano talk to me so openly.

Two days later...Kano POV

So, it was the last day of the ceremony and Farah was nowhere to be seen. Keyword here was seen. I closed my eyes and extended my energy out in all directions.

He was already at my parents' graves. I took my time making my way back. These past few days have been pretty odd. I have the strangest feeling in my body. It feels like my body wants to fold in on itself and let something out all at the same time. I've been talking to my parents with Farah by my side and it's been a little easier to accept that they're gone.

I went through the process of my hair absorbing my dragons' essence and yesterday I split it evenly and burned it in the flames on top of my parents' graves.

All that was left to do was to close out the ceremony. I heatstepped to Farah's location. "Do you enjoy ditching me whenever we go somewhere new or is it a habit that needs breaking?" I asked him.

"It's a habit, sorry about that," he turned to look at me.

"Well fix it because I have to protect you and if I have to I will train it out of you," I said, getting a shudder from Farah. Oh how I love to mess with him.

"I'll keep that in mind. So, what are you doing today, it's the last day of the ceremony, right?"

"Chanting and finalizing," I said. "I will say a chant only known to the Dragana as a sort of confirmation for the ceremony that confirms the power made available by the joint collaboration of the dragons and the host."

I stood in front of my parents' graves and pressed my fingers together. I began to chant in dragon tongue, which sounded a lot like hissing to anyone that didn't understand it, that including Farah.

Farah POV

Kano began to make noises that seemed like the hissing of snakes, but stronger. A golden light began to glow in the space between his hands and on top of his parents' graves. The golden light disappeared as Kano began to press his hands together as if sealing a deal. Kano stopped chanting and said, "Mom, dad, I love you and I'm sorry again."

Then, it was all over. Well, that was what we thought. The graves began to glow in a white light before two translucent figures appeared.

"Kano…" one of the figures said. It was a woman with her hair pulled back in the front and the hair in the back stopping just below her ears. She had ears just like Kano's. "You look so strong."

"Mom, what are you…" Kano started.

"Doing here? We don't know kiddo," the other figure spoke. It was a man with curly hair like Krys' that reached the man's thighs. His ears were also like Kano's.

"Hey old man," Kano said quietly.

"What? Not happy to see us? You talked so excitedly about getting our dragons and how the tribe is still alive and well," Kizana said.

"That's not it, something just doesn't feel right," Kano touched his face. I could see what looked like a tear falling. My best friend was crying? There's a first time for everything. "What is this?"

"You're crying Kano," I said.

"Don't tell me you've never cried before kiddo," Kinzo said seemingly sadly.

"You closed yourself off after we died, didn't you?" Kizana asked.

Kano didn't say anything.

"Look kiddo, don't blame yourself for us dying. You were a brat with absolute zero skill," Kinzo said. Harsh.

"Kinzo!" Kizana scolded.

"You shut up old man," Kano said with no spite or anger in his voice.

"We love you more than anything Kano. We'll always be with you. Remember that and open up more, cause this brat loves you," Kizana pointed at me. The blush that rose to my face was very apparent. "He wants what's best for you."

"Like he's head over heels for you," Kinzo said. What kind of parents are these? "Just know that if you hurt my son, I'll come back from the dead and make your body consume you from inside."

"Then I'll bring you back and make you experience it again," Kizana said in a joking manner, but something told me she was completely serious. I shuddered and looked at Kano. What I saw would be permanently engraved in my mind as one of my favorite memories.

Kano was laughing and crying at the same time. It was an extremely adorable sight. I began to laugh with him and next thing I knew, we were all laughing.

Kano wiped away his tears and spoke, "Thanks Farah."

"Uh...What did I do?"

"You talked to them. I never did and you awakened something that I probably would've never known about," Kano said.

"Bye brat, see you in ten years," Kinzo said. "Can't wait for all the stories you'll tell us."

"Again, we love you Kano. Open up to your mate more, there's no way the sex is great if you're closed off," Kizana said.

"W-What?" I blushed as my imagination went into overdrive and I fainted.

Kano POV

"Thanks a lot mom, now I have to carry him back and he's not my mate," I said to my grinning mother's ghost.

"He just looks so fun to tease," she said.

I smirked at her, "I know right. We're going back tomorrow, but I will definitely be back to do the ceremony again and hopefully this'll happen again. I love you both too, rest well." My parents disappeared and for some reason, it was as if a heavy burden had been lifted off of me. I lifted Farah over my shoulder and carried him back to the village.

The next day...No POV

"Do you have everything? Do you need food on the way back?" Cana fussed over her adoptive son.

"Yes I have everything. We're teleporting, so we'll be back in seconds, I don't need food." Kano grabbed her wrist to stop her from running around the house. He hugged her tightly. "Thanks for taking care of this unruly brat, mom."

"Aw, hurry up and get us to Karan in a month so I can spend some time with you and your mate," Cana said.

"Not my mate," Kano let go of her.

"He will be one day," but she didn't let go of him.

"Cana, please stop that, it'll happen when he's ready," Krys came into the room.

"You too old man?" Kano sighed in defeat.

"Yes, because those feelings of his aren't going anywhere. You have to make a decision," Krys responded sternly. Then his expression lightened and he said, "Plus, we're not getting any younger and Cana wants grandchildren."

"Who's having children?" Kano said looking at Krys like he had two heads.

Cana laughed and hugged Kano tighter. "We'll see you in a week for supplies," she said.

"Yeah, we'll work as fast as we can. Farah, time to go," Kano said.

"Sorry, had to grab something," Farah came from the back. "It was nice meeting you Krys and Cana," Farah said.

"Same to you, my future son," Cana said teasingly.

Farah blushed and said, "I-It's really not like that."

Kano put his hand on Farah's shoulder. "Time to go, see you in a week," he heatstepped them back to his home.

"That's seriously so cool," Farah said.

"It's the middle of the day, you probably have lots of paperwork and I have a division to check on, so let's move. I'll stop by your office later so we can get started," Kano said.

Farah nodded, "Kano, you okay?"

"I'm fine, I have to make sure no brats have made Raiza's life difficult and I have a lot on my mind at the moment," Kano responded.

Headmaster's Office...Farah POV

So here I was, back at my office doors. Whatever I was hearing on the other side sounded dangerous and I really didn't want to go inside. So what did I do? I called for Kano.

He appeared at my side and said, "What's wrong?"

"I don't like the sounds I'm hearing on the other side of the door," I explained.

Kano sighed and opened the door as I stepped out of his way. It was complete and utter chaos on the other side. Marx was being pinned by Liliya. Lykos and Marsha were in a very intense arm-wrestling match, and Kaito was using everything in the office as a target for a flying sword technique. I don't know what happened next, but I did see the five of them kneeling before Kano like children being scolded.

"You five better have a good report for me or I'm putting you back in training," Kano said in a threatening manner. The trained eye could see that each and everyone of them flinched slightly at that. Oh how great it is to have Kano by my side.

"No attacks on the campus, the students are all safe, classes have been moving along smoothly, the building for the clubs was finished yesterday, and we will clean up the office and have it looking as if nothing happened if the headmaster gives us a day," Marsha said quickly.

Kano nodded and looked at me. "Satisfactory?" he asked.

I nodded and said, "That's great and all, but where am I supposed to work from?"

"Go back to the castle for one day, I'll come with you after I check on Raiza," he said. Well, if he was coming with me, I guess it wouldn't be so bad to go back to the castle for just a day.

"Nyx," I called out. Nyx Silver is my fairy servant, he's been by my side for about seven hundred years. He doesn't like Kano at all and he's a pretty interesting character. He wears all black, though his wings are pure white. He's about two feet tall, but he's strong. He always badmouths Kano, despite not knowing anything really bad to say about him. Honestly, I think he hates Kano because I love Kano.

"Yes master?" Nyx appeared out of thin air. "So glad you're back. That ruffian didn't hurt you, did he?"

"Nyx, could you stop talking about Kano like that? He's not a ruffian, he has great manners, and he's a really clean guy. You talk about him like he's some barbarian. Just because he likes to fight, doesn't mean he's a caveman," I said.

"But every time the two of you spar, you always come back bruised and broken!" Nyx yelled.

"That's bound to happen. Kano doesn't have anyone that he can let out on even a little bit, but me. It's never fatal and I can heal myself because of a power that Kano, that same guy you hate, gave me," I argued.

"But master-," Nyx started, but he was cut off by Kano entering the room.

"Hello, Nyx," Kano clearly wasn't too thrilled to see him. Looking at Nyx, I could see that the sentiment was fully returned.

"Ruffian," Nyx mumbled back.

"Nyx! Just...get us a path to the castle," I said, pretty upset that he said that to Kano's face.

"Oh someone's getting bold," Kano said. I really didn't want these two to start.

"You just can't leave my master alone, you draconic abomination?" Nyx said. Okay, maybe this was getting a bit personal.

"Nyx, that's en-," I started.

"In case you weren't aware, your master followed me on my journey that started three thousand years ago. Wait, you couldn't have been aware, because you've only been by his side for what...a few centuries?" Kano smirked at Nyx.

Nyx was seething, I could tell because he was turning red and he looked ready to charge Kano, which wouldn't be a good idea at all. "Stop putting him through torment!" Nyx yelled.

"What the fuck are you talking about, Nyx?" Kano said. Language!

"If you don't want him, give him to me!" Nyx was becoming even more red.

"Everybody, calm down!" I raised my voice. Nyx and Kano looked at me. "Can we just sit down and have a civilized conversation just once?"

"Fine, let's sit," Nyx summoned a floating stool and sat on it. He also summoned one for me and I sat down. Kano snapped his fingers and what seemed like a scaly throne appeared behind him and he sat down.

"What's the problem, Nyx?" Kano asked looking like he was a king rather than a bodyguard.

"Master would do anything for you and you just take him for granted," Nyx said. Honestly, Kano does everything for me and I take him for granted.

"He loves you without good reason," Nyx continued.

"I'm aware," Kano said.

"It's very good reason!" I interrupted. I was ignored.

"Yet you won't even acknowledge that," Nyx said.

"I've acknowledged his feelings," Kano said. Why were they talking about me like I wasn't even there?

"Yet you can't return them?" Nyx countered. "I think you've put master through enough while sitting on your high and mighty throne never experiencing pain!" Dragon King, I really love my fairy, please let him survive Kano's rebuttal.

Kano snapped and he had Nyx by the throat up against the wall, "What the hell could you possibly know about my life and suffering? A damn fairy that was taken in by a king? Remember this fucking fairy, I started from nothing, and I had to work my ass off to get to where I am. High and mighty throne my ass! No pain? I've taken so much that you wouldn't be alive if even an ounce of what I've felt came crashing down on you. I've really tried to respect you for Farah, but I won't tolerate you making dumbass accusations! I'd appreciate it if you did your damn homework before trying to drop bombs all over the place. Farah, I'm not going to the castle." Kano let Nyx go and he walked out of the Path Room.

I sighed and gave Nyx a stern look. He flinched back and I said, "I really don't know what's gotten into you, but you need to handle it."

"I don't know how to handle it," Nyx said, a little down from my scolding. I'm really too nice.

"What is 'it'?" I asked, kneeling down to his level.

"My love for you, master," Nyx said. Okay, this is a bit unexpected, but now that I think about it, he does things to me that I do to Kano. Still, this does catch me off guard.

"L-Love?" I stammered out.

"Yes, I love you because you took me in and took care of me for the past few centuries and you've been so kind and caring. I've never been treated like that before and I hate that you're not being treated the same way by the person you love, which just has to be that stupid ruffian," Nyx ranted.

"Okay, Kano's smarter than both of us and just because you don't see how Kano acts towards me doesn't mean he isn't treating me that way. Please realize that just sparring with Kano is like taking a break compared to being trained by him, which you never witnessed because I had to endure that long before you and I ever met. Also, maybe you could start by calling him by his name. He is respectful enough to give you that same courtesy. I've been by Kano's side for thousands of years and he has pretty much always been that constant in my life. He's protected me, going so far as to take fatal shots for me. Kano has his own way of handling people and even though it doesn't seem like he cares, he does things for me that he would lose immortality and die over before he did them for anyone else, lovers or not," I can basically feel the big smile on my face at this point. I kissed Nyx on his forehead causing him to blush, finally someone other than me. I told him, "I really appreciate your feelings, but I can't return them and though I don't want you to, I completely understand if you want to leave my side after I say this. I love Kano so much that it hurts. I've stayed alive this long because I want to be by his side. I say that it's only been a few centuries, but I know way down deep in my heart that he's been my object of affection since we met and he saved me for the very first time and we connected on such a deep level when he gave me my soul crystal. Knowing him, he knows that as well. Kano has been through way more than me and he needs time, and I can tell you now that we have plenty of that. Kano didn't push me further away, he kept me at the same distance and has slowly begun to let me in. I'm not being tormented, I'm being accepted by him and one day it will be fully. I'm patient."

At this point, Nyx was in full-on tears. He wiped them away and looked up at me. "I'll never leave your side, master."

Kano cried. I'm so proud of him, really. Anyways, what did you think? Anybody like Nyx? He's honestly a cinnamon roll for everyone except for Kano. I hope you enjoyed this and I will see you in the next chapter. Follow and review if you liked, bye!