This is just a modern-day Gothic but with male/male romance and tons of hot sex. Please comment nicely!

Chapter One: Change of Plans

"Well, there's no use crying over spilled milk," my aunt said, putting her hand on my shoulder and shaking roughly while I sobbed my heart out on the bed. "The sooner you snap out of it, Christopher my love, the sooner you'll meet someone else."

"But I don't want to meet someone else!" How could I explain to someone as tough and grown-up as Aunt Cora what it was like to be nineteen years old, and gay, and in love for the first time? Tyler was a graduate student, three years older than I was, from a very rich family. When he invited me to his parents' big summer home I assumed it meant we were serious. Instead I caught him making out with one of his father's oldest friends on the second day of our vacation!

"Older men have experience, and tons of allure," Aunt Cora told me, patting her brightly tinted auburn hair and checking out her chunky but shapely figure in my bedroom mirror. She was still unintentionally rubbing it in about Tyler even after I choked off my tears and sat up cross-legged on the bed. "Maybe you'll meet someone even hotter than Tyler if you come with me to Treasure Cove for a few weeks."

"Maybe," I said, still sniffling while I rubbed my teary eyes. The truth was that I didn't want to meet anyone, at Treasure Cover or anywhere else. But then again, if I went away with Aunt Cora I wouldn't have to explain the change in summer plans to my parents. And probably the vacation cottage my aunt had rented would be far enough away from everything that I could just read and relax and not have to think about the rich, good-looking older boy who had just ruined my summer and torn my soft, trusting heart into a million pieces.

"Then it's all settled," Aunt Cora proclaimed, giving me a hearty smack on the back like I hadn't just been crying my eyes out over a major heartbreak on the bed. "Pack your swimsuit and some towels and make sure to get a good night's sleep. We leave for Treasure Cove in the morning."

"Okay, Aunt Cora." I forced a smile in spite of my teary eyes, and my pushy, bossy, good-hearted aunt kissed me on both cheeks before she left the room. If I were a straight guy my eyes would really have been glued to her behind, because Aunt Cora really does still have quite a stunning figure.

Instead I went over to the mirror, and stood there looking at my pale, tear-streaked face. I was a pretty good-looking kid, I suppose. My eyes were bright blue and I had full red lips and an inviting smile. My hair was gold when I really bothered to shampoo and use conditioner. Tyler had seen all that stuff, but underneath he had also seen that I was weak, some poor dumb kid he could use and throw away.

I stared at my reflection and tried to tell myself that things would be totally different up at Treasure Cove.

I was going to be totally different.