Silence, they say is a powerful thing. However, it is powerful only when effectively used. Otherwise, that power, when siphoned off in the wrong direction, has the potential to destroy, often unintentionally. It is a queer language, with a vocabulary and grammar that is uniquely its own. It is a language that many speak, but few understand correctly. As for incorrect interpretations- there is no end to them.

Silence could be anything. An extended period of quiet, a momentary lull in conversation, a lapse in concentration, a small distraction, or a promise to never speak again. Silence is an open book; it really is. The catch is that it is in a language of its own. You either read all of it or none at all.

Your silence is a comforting one. A slight brush of shoulders; an accidental knocking of knees. Words aren't needed to know your presence. Your silence is enough to convey your peace and contentment.

Your silence is a secure one. A foreboding but caring presence; a silent protector. I know you will always have my back, even if you melt into the shadows. You are warmth- lightly teasing but forever supporting.

Your silence is companionable. You speak in glances- in touches. You hold entire conversations without uttering a word. A flick of your eyes or a quirk of your lips speaks volumes in itself.

Your silence is heartbreaking. For you to be silent would mean I have greatly erred. For you to not speak a word to me would mean I have greatly hurt you; and that is enough to hurt me. You are someone I truly care about, and your silence is punishment enough.

Your silence is melancholic. How you gaze off into the distance, with your eyes fixed on some faraway object, and your mind on some faraway thought. Regret and acceptance flit across your face. You close your eyes and your brow furrows for a moment, before relaxing. I restrain myself from reaching out to you; for it is not my place to do so.

Your silence is playful. You know you have already cornered me , but you do not rest until I look away; either from shyness or embarrassment. You know you are risking my fury- but your eyes betray your jest and harmless intent.

Your silence is discomfiting. Words are your domain, and your energy is infectious. For you to be silent is alarming in itself. Your eyes are dull; your face, a blank wall. It eats away at me to know I am unable to help you, when you have helped me so often.

Your silence is challenging. Your defiance is evident, and your pride is foremost. Confidence shows in your stance, you directly hold my gaze, matching me glance for glance. You dare me to play, and you are itching to retaliate.

Your silence is derisive. You know your skills, and you don't find me worth your time or your energy. Your ego is not misplaced; you know what you are. And I, apparently, am insignificant enough to not even warrant verbal acknowledgement.

Your silence is angry. Your rage shows through your poker face, and your rigid posture betrays you. Venom would coat your words, if you spoke any. Embers blaze in your eyes. Determination oozes from every pore and your aura itself is a storm.

Your silence is loving. Your eyes glitter with affection. You mess up my hair, or give me a playful shove. Everything about your countenance tells me that I am someone important to you. Your smile tells me that I am the reason for it, and it prompts one of my own.

Your silence is sensuous. Your eyes remain locked with mine as your fingertips graze my cheek and throat. Your lips form words I cannot hear, and your breath ghosts across my skin. You look at me like it is all you wish to do and your nails scrap the shell of my ear as you rake your fingers through my hair. Your silence is reverent, and it is all mine.

Your silence is all of these, and none of these. Your silence is something uniquely yours. Your silence is uplifting. Your silence is destructive.

Your comfort is silent.

Your wrath is silent.

Your happiness is silent.

Your grief is silent.

Your peace is silent.

Your hatred is silent.

You convey so much- and yet, you are silent. I hear so much, but you are silent. I beg, I plead, I request, I grovel - and all I get is silence.

Talk to me.

Speak to me.

See me.

Hear me.

For I too, am silent.

A.N. Inspired by two of the craziest people I have ever come across, and my favourite YouTuber. And extended to all those who love the nuances of silence :) Love you guys. And thank you for the response you have given me! If there's anything I can do to improve my work, or anything you want to see, do PM me or drop a review. I'll definitely consider it in my future pieces