Grant me the god's mercy.

I have seen enough. Though just through a little while, I have grown weary.

I have cried enough. Grant upon me the god's mercy.

May it be void, or purification by flame, let the consequence have me.

I have felt enough, I have left enough.

I leave behind me little regret. I am not worth judgment.

There is only so much a soul can bear. There is only so much a soul, such as ours, can be.

Merely observant, listening and heeding, we go by not averting.

Was I tender? Did I comfort at least one?

I don't believe so. I'm that miserable, I'm that pitiable.

Is that reason enough, god?

Will the god's mercy be upon me?

I beg of the god, that I be taken from here, where I'm so miserable.

Will he listen? Are my words heeded?

How many of us have, so pained by living, asked to be taken?

…Are we to take ourselves? Since… we are without anyone, we may have to take ourselves.

…Just as we alone live in solitude, fear in solitude.

There isn't one thing coming for us, we are on our own.

What will we do? When we remain this lonely.

We ourselves may forget about the god.