Belle returned and looked down at the bear before scooping her up and walking to her bedroom, plopping Bella on the bed after kissing her nose.

"I need to tell my friend about this okay? You wait here and we'll have a nice long snuggle when I get back." Belle told her, before turning to walk away as the front door closed.

For a long while, Bella sat still on the bed, thinking for quite some time before she concluded she didn't know where Europe was… but she knew someone who did!

So she rolled off the bed, her fluff protecting her as she hit the ground, bouncing on the carpet before walking over to the living room where the werewolf slept. She was getting quite good at walking around on her hind paws when she needed too, so she was confident the werewolf could be outran.

Because despite what Bella always said, she doubted it was friendly.

Walking over to the closet, Bella wedged her body in between the door and the wall, pushing it open and seeing the form of Piggles, a wise old stuffed pink pig with an ear missing and parts of his fur gone. He wasn't played with much anymore, so Bella always came to be his friend.

"Hello!" She smiled, sitting next to the pig as he snorted to her.

"Tell me your question little one." He ordered, pulling a sheet of paper out from a box with his teeth. "Then I need to get back to my crossword. Dumb humans, can you believe they struggle with these questions? All I have to do is read the newspaper attached to this or listen to the TV and then I can fill it all out."

"Okay!" Bella answered cheerfully, knowing Piggles could be a bit grumpy. "Where is Europe? Belle wants to go there for her fashion."

Piggles thought for a moment as he rested on the ground. "Europe is a far away land across a wide ocean, where people eat sweets and play board games all day. They don't have a lot of nice clothes, and some don't even wear clothes at all!"

Bella thought for a moment, that sounded right, and it would explain why Bella needed to go there. Those poor people probably didn't even know about pants!

"What's an ocean?" She asked next, struggling to get her mouth around the unfamiliar word.

"It's a giant fish tank filled with fish and plants and sharks," Piggles answered, going back to his crossword as the panda hugged him.

"Thank you Piggles! You the bestest Piggles around." She smiled.

Then she left the old pig alone and walked back up to the bedroom, taking a nap as she waited for Belle to come home and tell her all about how her fashion was going to save Europe!


Unfortunately, sleep didn't come so easy as massive bolts of light and huge scary noises lit up the sky, causing the panda bear to shriek in fright and instantly run towards the closet as she noticed that Belle wasn't home yet.

She did know that the water falling was called rain and the loud light and sound was called thunder, but that was normally because Belle would hold her tightly as a nice man on a glowing box explained it all to her.

"Piggles?" She asked quietly, opening the door to see the old pig resting under a blanket. She crept closer, gently claiming a corner of the blanket for herself as Piggles awoke.

"Who's there?"

"It's me!" Bella answered, pressing close to the old pig as more thunder rang out of the sky. "Umm, I have another question!"

"What?" Piggles asked as he grudgingly moved to share his blanket with her.

"What makes thunder and lightning go?"

"Humans." The pig answered "Big giant humans that live up in the sky, and they like to dance. Problem is they are big and dumb can't dance! So when they fall over they make the big thunder sounds! Then the other giants use big spotlights to laugh at the one who fell, and some of the light pierces the clouds. Finally, the giants cry, causing rain!"

Bella nodded. That sounded like what the nice man in the glowing boxes said, so it must be true! "Okay, but it scary, can I stay with you?'

"Sure, just don't bother me," Piggles replied, curling up into a ball.

So Bella sat and wondered how humans like Belle became giants until the closet door opened again and the werewolf poked its nose inside. It filled up the closet as it walked towards them, and Bella pulled the blanket around herself and shivered.

"Piggles! Piggles wake up!" She whispered as the werewolf curled up around them, shivering and growling. "The werewolf is going to eat us!"

"No, she won't, she's scared just like you and wants to be with a friend," Piggles muttered, not even waking up considering his life was at stake!

So if Piggles wasn't scared, maybe Bella was right and the werewolf was friendly. After all, Belle was perfect and Piggles knew everything… so they had to be right!

So Bella reached over and petted the werewolf's nose, feeling it lick her paw in return as she fell back asleep. Knowing she wasn't going to end up in a creature's tummy.

At least not yet.


"Dedree, did you move Bella?"

Belle shook her head, unsure how the dog had even gotten into the closet as she scooped up the dog, pig, blanket, and panda. With the strange bundle, she walked to her bedroom, setting all three down on her bed as she lay there, staring at the ceiling until morning.

When the morning came, Belle looked down at the panda and pig, curled up as if they were best friends and she got an idea. Gently shaking them both as if they were children, she smiled.

"Hello Bella, Piggles. After I drop Dedree off at her owners, you two are going on a little trip."

As Belle packed her bags for Europe and dropped the werewolf off, she brought the toys with her to her male friend's house.

Bella didn't understand most of what she was saying, but Piggles now had a new home with the man, and once Belle got back from her trip they would all have a big playdate!

Piggles seemed happy with the new arrangement because Bella had learned that although someone being a writer was dull and boring to watch, writers did have to be smart. Maybe the man could help Piggles learn even more, and the pig would still have plenty of time for his crosswords.

Finally, Belle and Bella walked with the male friend as they entered a big building called an airport. She had been able to ask the wise old pig one last question before saying a final goodbye, and she knew that the airport would take them over the fish tank ocean and into the lands of Europe that needed fashion!

As Belle and her male friend smooshed her between them in a hug, she smiled, glad that her lungs didn't need air because she liked being smooshed in between her family.

When the hug ended, Belle placed her panda inside her bag, whispering to her sweetly.

"Sleep little one, and when you get up, we'll be in Europe."

As the bag was zipped up, Bella closed her eyes, knowing that as much as she liked napping, waking up to a new adventure would be even more fun.


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