It was not with any hope for your return
That I wrote this letter.
Though talking would be better
I know you will read this.
I hold out, since you once believed in me.
But that feeling is fading,
And I know you where aiding
The cause when you left,
But what of my heart?
I know you think what they're doing is wrong,
And that you've been fighting for so long,
But don't you think it's time to stop?
Come home to the children you left,
To me, I am begging you
Find it in your heart to do
What I know will cost more than you are willing.
To desert the cause, to come back to me.
I know that you will die
either way. But I'll not cry
If you are shot in my arms.
With your blood in my hands
And your eyes locked on mine,
So I can treasure the time
We spent together before this.
But if you die far from here,
In that cold place you fight,
Not even with all my might
Can I go on, if I was not there to comfort you.
And if you were to die alone,
Who would bring your soul to me?
Please listen, please try to see.
With all my heart, Sophia.