AN: This is a little more depressing than I usually write, but it's 10:50 at night and I'm in a weird mood.

Isn't it funny?

How we say we should be content with ourselves,

And be independent and strong,

And say everything is Sunny?

Isn't it hilarious?

That a child shows a picture to their mother,

Searching for a hint of approval,

Just to earn a shrug,

And a sense of Removal?

Isn't it laughable?

That so many problems in the world stem from people?

We search for love and compassion,

A caring heart,

A small reason for Passion.

Isn't it humorous?

That everyone says we shouldn't be fake.

But when we share our sorrows and pain,

They don't want to see our face?

Isn't it witty,

That we cover up our pain by trying to stay busy?

It's not.

So don't laugh.

Don't even crack a grin.

For when you see someone in pain,

Laughing just drives the arrow deeper in.

AN: Side-note... I'm not saying never be happy. That's a terrible message. If you don't understand what I'm saying, DM me and I can explain.