Memes are funny.

People think memes are grand.

Animals do, too!

Including the Koala named Boo.

Boo likes computers.

Do you do, too?

He found one during a safari.

Humans left it on the ground.

Boo grabbed the laptop, excited to see what was inside.

He gasped as the screen glowed in his eyes.

He typed random keys in wonder.

"What is this thing?" he pondered.

As days passed, this Koala ventured all over the laptop.

Including a place called the Internet.

He discovered sites like Tumblr or Twitter.

He discovered what was called a "meme".

To him, it was much like a dream.

He made a few himself,

But not as many people cared.

One day, his meme was golden.

Boo grinned joyously.

He made more and more everyday.

Boo has become famous.

He is a meme-ing legend.

He started out reposting,

But became the one posting.

Humans love Boo,

But there is only one problem.

Nobody knows Boo is a Koala.

A Koala that makes memes.

Boo began to feel sad.

He wanted people to know he was a Koala.

A Koala that makes memes.

But what would Boo do?

He was only a Koala that made memes.

He began to think of an idea.

He put his laptop away to think.

Boo sighed, coming up with nothing.

He went to bed with no ideas on his mind.

Boo was a sad Koala that made memes.

The next day, Boo woke up.

He got onto his laptop and found something exciting.

Boo grinned as a Koala would.

He finally had an idea!

Boo used the camera on his laptop to record a video.

He introduced himself as a Koala.

A Koala that makes memes.

When Boo was finished, he felt happy.

He published the video online.

He waited.

He wondered how people would react.

Within seconds, the video was flooded with comments.

It appeared everybody adored this Koala.

This Koala that made memes.

Boo grinned widely.

He went live and talked with his fans.

He was glad to be a Koala.

A Koala that made memes.

The End.