A Book In The Fruit Bowl

Take a look in the fruit bowl,
For in it do dwell,
Not just fruit of tree,
But of endeavour as well.

In times of great struggle,
When no space can be found,
Look to the fruit bowl
For a place to impound.

Your items are lost?
Moved out of clear view?
Take your search to the fruit bowl,
They are in there for you.

But what of an item,
With no home or place?
The fruit bowl will take it,
With infinite space.

Do you need to take
An item upstairs?
Can't go this minute?
Just place with the pairs.

Have you just been gifted
A quite useless object?
The fruit bowl's the place
For things of this sect.

Been handed a very odd
Kitchen appliance?
The object of which,
Obscure as quantum science?

Put it in the fruit bowl,
To sit with them all,
The mismatched cutlery
And a child's bouncy ball.

Are there things in your way,
Clutter, gubbins or grime?
Put it all in the fruit bowl
To save valuable time.

And if you are feeling,
Under stimulated, bored,
Without entertainment,
Your lacklustre assured.

Just look in the fruit bowl,
Keep an open mind.
Because you never can tell
What things you might find.