This story came from a school English assignment to write a descriptive paragraph when I was fifteen. I always overthink things. I wrote this on an Apple III computer, back in the day.



As the sun rose, a figure was visible atop an emerald mountain of grass. The dew shimmered as a slight morning breeze twirled the figure's hair softly above her shoulders. Her seemingly transparent veil of a dress drifted, swiftly catching her legs as she crept across the ground, which was still wet from the night's rain, to the well. She was young and beautiful, with white-blonde hair and green eyes. Her slender body was muscular yet soft. Her dress, a lavender hue, hung from her body in soft waves. She leaned over the well to collect water in the bucket.

The day grew brighter at the highest point of a mountain. A Pegasus stretched and snorted, and stood up as the wind blew through his mane. He spread open his iridescent wings and clapped his hooves along the hard-packed ground. He had no worries for the day ahead, as it was the Day of the Pegasus. Today he would find the one he would guard forever. He looked down to the rest of the world. How he loved the morning, it being so peaceful and timid to come forth into the world.

Down at the well he saw the girl. He watched her as he did every day. She seemed so intricate, like nothing he'd ever seen before. A whistle pierced the air. The girl stopped abruptly and, clasping her hand around the bucket she had filled and untied, ran towards the sound as though she had been caught doing something forbidden. Soon she was out of sight from the Pegasus.

She dashed into the hall quickly and fled up the stairs to change into another gown. She placed her hand on the silver door handle engraved with diamonds and sapphires, and twisted her wrist, thrusting the great oak doors inward. Inside was a vision

of silk and satin painted in ruby. A very royal room indeed.

Tiptoeing over to the dressing table, she peered into the mirror at her reflection, then she began to splash the cold water from the bucket onto her face and neck. She dried herself off carefully and picked an azure blue gown from the closet, feeling it's velvety soft insides creep down over her body. Coral satin slippers were placed on her tiny feet. She swept a brush through her glistening hair and wrapped it into a pearl strung twist cascading from the top of her head. Her cheeks, already a soft hue of pink, needed no extra colour, but she painted her lips in the same colour of ruby as her room, rich and royal. Long strands of diamonds fell from the lobes of her ears and a gilt necklace decorated her throat. No rings encircled her fingers for she had not yet taken a husband.

A chime filled the room and she departed for the dining hall. Everyone curtsied and bowed as she came in. As soon as she was settled at the head of the table, they all sat to dine.

Back on the mountain, the Pegasus pawed around for a stray piece of grass. And this was supposed to be filled with good luck! Poof! Not a single blade of grass around! He looked up and snuffed, shaking his mane swishing his tail. Then he saw a mint green field down below. He galloped down the slope and between the trees toward it . The wind rushing past his ears made him kick up his heels in joy. He was happy to be alive on this wonderful morning. He was glad he was a Pegasus.

He reached the field and pushed his nose along, munching the sweet grass until he reached a stream. He gulped down a good, cold drink of sparkling clear water. The pegasis then raised his head and shook it, the water droplets flying off his lips. The breeze had died down and it was heating up quite rapidly. The sun was close to being overhead. It was almost noon.

At the crystalline palace, the beautiful young lady ate quietly. No one spoke. The lady sat amongst the silver and blue of the room, even paling the huge walls decorated with giant

paintings. The long oak table polished so gleaming, was heightened in appearance by the silver dishes, which laid neatly on top, filled with all types of food. The chairs were high- backed with blue velvet cushions. The young lady sat in hers, silently finishing her meal. Then she cleared her throat.

"I know that this world is becoming a world of crime. A world which no one wants to live in. A world which everyone is leaving." A sad tone crept over her soft voice. "We must work harder... to keep this world going, in a peaceful, happier way. That is why I am leaving the palace and Xailier, to journey across this immense system, to Earth, to reach a place where the problem started. We have to correct it, in my father's name. He tried so long ago to solve it, and I, in his place will follow his lead. I don't know when I am coming back, but it is most important that I try.

"I am leaving tonight at the darkest hour. This is so I can make a clean departure. The guards will not let me go. I am informing you so that I can be covered long enough to get away. If any of you should inform the guards of my disappearance, you shall be relieved of your duties. Is this clear?" The servants nodded grudgingly. "Good. No one shall try and stop me." With that she stood up and walked away, leaving them all gaping after her. Then, to each other, they spoke quietly and frantically.

The sun burned down on the field where the Pegasus lay, fast asleep. His white coat shone as he pawed sleepily at his dream. It was of the girl, dancing around in the morning's dew. She was such a beautiful girl, it was a shame that she was left here in a desert of grass. All of a sudden, the girl was covered in a dark shadow. She looked up and then a look of terror covered her face.

The Pegasus awoke, startled. He knew. He knew that the dream would come true. He also knew that it was he who was to protect her from whatever the danger was. He was given his first step of care, mind tracking. He could see and follow her in whatever she did. He got up and quickly cantered up to his home. He looked at it once more, then in the direction of the glass castle.

The princess was in the room packing the things she would need on her journey, along with a small phaser, which, if aimed correctly, was capable of accurately striking target from three-hundred feet. She looked around, and then jammed it into a holster on a belt which lay on her bed.

She slipped on a pair of silk woven pants and a heavy coat along with a pair of hardly worn black boots which were polished well.

The Pegasus stood outside the palace waiting. It was now twilight. He waited for a long, long time. He was hungry and could not reach anymore food until later, for he had to keep watch for her. Crickets were beginning their chorus of song. "Goodnight! Goodnight! It's night! Goodnight!" they called.

The princess sat on her bed. The time was nine O'clock at night. There were three more hours ahead until her journey would commence. She took a book of poems, opened it, and read:

Only in mind

Is death so dark

When risen over gold

Are angels of the dead?

Take it to mind.

Take it to heart.

Only can you accept death,

Once you understand.

She placed the poem in her mind to remember, and then she flipped the pages. There were so many poems, but she found the well-read one and skimmed her eyes over it, reading it and knowing it at the same time.

The silver shadows cast a deeply shade

O're the narrow grasslands.

Truth laid aside, fiction lighter than air.

The brave shall overcome,

Like the silver on the ink.

Man will live on this if he cares.

She shut the book and laid it aside. After setting the alarm at the side of the bed, she crawled under the canopy and fell asleep with the moonlight flowing in the stream into her room through the crystal walls.