I celebrate myself,

For I can feel at home.

This peace I keep on the highest shelf,

Makes me feel less alone.

I see brightness, lighting up their face,

Joy and comfort fill their eyes,

Because they know they're in the right place.

They don't have to be in disguise.

We can practically taste the joy and adrenaline,

Can smell the excitement and happiness.

It's an experience we want to have again and again.

Never falling to sadness.

We can hear each other's laughter,

Bringing smiles far and wide.

For even if something we try ends in disaster,

We still feel alive.

I can feel the air rushing by,

As we all spin and leap around,

Feeling as though we could reach the sky,

As our feet can leave the ground.

I celebrate myself, and all the others too,

For even though they will soon go away,

We still have something we love to do.