Under the shroud of snow petals dancing by
Slowly in time with silent cantor,
Alone, it listens to the whispering cries
Nymphs leave behind for Zeus to answer.

No musical queues from the blanketed skies
Advance to instruct the floral dancers.
Homeless, it flourishes its petals to fly
To search above the clouds for Zeus' grandeur.

Along with the tempo, it flutters low then soars high,
Piercing the clouds alone like a lancer
On a smooth horse ride
Sailing gracefully towards Cancer.

However, regardless of how hard it may try
To near Mount Olympus' base,
Wind and hail sweeps it aside,
Never to let it near Zeus' face.

Back to the ground it flutters down to lie
Beneath the pile of frozen dancers.
Buried young, but unwilling to die,
It waits to spring for Zeus to answer.