No, don't look around. Yes, you. I'm talking to you. Oh, don't look so surprised. Why wouldn't I be talking to you?

Don't you see yourself at all? Do you truly think so little of yourself? Are you so blind to your own brilliance?

Ah. So that's how it is. Now I understand.

You don't even know what you are. You don't realise what it is that others see in you. Is that why you ignore yourself- why you are oblivious to that which is you? Oh dear. There isn't very much I can do about that. But, if you'll let me, I could show you. Or try to.

What, you ask? Why, you!

See through me what I see in you.

See your smile the way I do. Look at the happiness it brings to others. See how people light up when you do. See how it is enough to make someone's day. See how carefree you look when you throw back your head and laugh. See how your eyes sparkle with hidden amusement. See how your entire being rings with your joy, and see those who are happy simply because you are.

See how the sunlight plays across your skin. See how the wind blows your hair into your eyes. See how you wrinkle your nose when you're annoyed; and how the tips of your ears turn red when you're embarrassed, but your cheeks don't. See how you constantly brush your hair away from your face, and how it falls back to where it was five minutes before. See how you rub the back of your neck when you feel awkward or sheepish. See the thousands of little, individually insignificant things that make you.

See the silent strength behind the awkwardness. See the hidden ability behind that wall of insecurity. See the confidence blocked by those stutters. See the goodness mistaken for innocence. See the muted charm that you cast without realising it. See the warmth you emanate, and the security you unintentionally radiate.

See how you inspire confidence in others. See how people know they can always turn to you, and that you would never turn on them. See how they trust you with the deepest, darkest parts of themselves. See how they know that you will always, always, be there for them. See how much they depend on you, and how certain they are that you will never disappoint.

This does not go to say that you are perfect. You are not, and you know it.

Guess what?

They know it too. And yet, they still choose you. They choose to be with you.


Because they see so much to you.

They have seen the image you have shown. A few have also seen the cracks in the paint. There are some for whom you have lowered your walls. There are some who broke them. And there are others who see through them, but cannot (or will not) breach them. You cannot eradicate what is inherently there. Hide it all you want to. Construct as many blockades as you wish; it will seep through the cracks.

If there are people who have seen the chinks in your armour and still stood by you- then give them a chance. Give them the chance that you are so unwilling to give yourself. Perhaps they see more to you than you realise.

Or maybe, however you are, you might be just enough for them.

(The way you are just enough for me.)

A.N. Hey! Okay, this is a bonus one for today. Shoutout to my "muse" for the sudden influx of creativity. You are awesome and I love you. :D

This week, all my pieces will have a slight personal touch. This is me expressing my thoughts and feelings, either about myself, or someone I know. But, that does not mean it is wholly for them. This is for all those who feel they can connect to my words, or a part of them.

This week is yours.