Chapter 6

Rhiannon led Brett up the stairs and into his bedroom. His bed was still unmade and Rhiannon looked at him with a smile on her face.

"I've decided to be completely unaware," She announced as she quickly discarded her sweats and underclothing and lay on his bed on her back, totally nude.

"Rhiannon," Brett said with admiration.

"Is this my better side?" She joked.

Brett removed his clothes and lay next to her, his first time being naked in front of a girl – the first time he had been this close to a girl in the nude – but somehow it felt normal and okay. He was surprised at how comfortable he felt being with her.

Their kissing resumed, complimented by sucking sounds as they slurped each other's mouths, lips and tongues. It was as if he had been drugged too – he had been moved to beyond caring although Coach Sister Marie's voice was a distant whisper somewhere in the back of his mind.

Brett pulled Rhiannon and she rolled on top of him.

"Do you have a condom?" She asked with concern.

"No," he admitted.

"No?" She reacted with surprise. "Didn't you and Alexis…"

"No," he admitted, slightly embarrassed.

"Oh," she said and Brett was guessing Aubrey had plenty of condoms for her. He could tell Rhiannon was disappointed in him.

"So, I guess we can't have sex without a condom," Brett realized.

"Yeah," she sighed sadly, rolling off of him and laying on her side facing him.

Rhiannon's eyes darted to his penis which she noticed was standing straight up. She giggled as she reached her hand out and touched it, causing it to twitch in response.

"Rhiannon," he whimpered.

She looked up at him and smiled and Brett felt lightheaded from her curious and playful love taps against the head of his member. Then. she rolled onto her back and let out a contented sigh. "Let's take a nap," she suggested.

Brett rolled onto his side and snuggled into Rhiannon, tasting her hair in his mouth. Her eyes were already closed and he watched her breasts move up and down with her breaths, not sure if he was dreaming this moment.

He fell asleep for a while but he was awakened to find Rhiannon mounted on top of him.

"I thought you said no," he said when he realized he was inside of her.

"Just make sure you pull out," she panted, already excited by the activity.

Brett couldn't breathe as he felt himself inside of her and she looked at him with a look of pleasured wonderment on her face. She had both of her hands planted on his chest and she was grinding her hips into his groin. Her mouth opened but no words came out.

Brett felt himself sliding inside of her and his head felt as if it was in a fog. He groaned from the pleasured sensation and he mumbled her name and when he felt himself begin to throb he lifted her off of him by her rear end and he plopped her down on his thighs just as he spirted out all over her stomach, much to her delight as she watched.

"Oh, wow," she said before leading over and kissing him.

Brett could feel her heart pounding against his chest as Rhiannon purposefully rubbed her breasts along his sternum. He groaned once more and she flopped off of him, onto her side facing him.

Brett reached his hand out and rubbed it along her forehead, brushing back her hair. Their breathing was labored.

"Go to sleep," Rhiannon whispered, kissing the tip of his nose.

So he did, and when he awoke the afternoon sun was fading and Rhiannon was still lying by his side, sound asleep.

Brett gently nudged her awake.

"What?" She asked with a smile when she opened her eyes and saw him staring at her.

"Is this real?" He asked.

"Yes," Rhiannon assured him.

"Don't go," Brett pleaded.

"You mean now or forever?" She giggled.

Brett pulled her towards him and he wrapped his arms around her, kissing her neck and face as he pressed her to his chest.

Rhiannon smiled and when she tried to get up, he pulled her closer.

"I have to potty," she said.

"Make sure you come back," Brett begged.

She laughed as she left the bed and disappeared nude into the bathroom. Brett smiled with contentment, although he had to force Coach Sister Marie's voice from his thoughts. She would be blowing her whistle non-stop if she knew what was going on and while Brett felt guilty about that, he had waited too long for true love and he wasn't going to lose it now.

A few minutes later, Rhiannon returned, jumping onto the bed and wrapping a throw blanket around the both of them.

"Rhiannon or not?" She asked, as if she was playing hide-go-seek or peek-a-poo.

"Rhiannon forever," Brett promised her.