This is a oneshot for my main story, Blood Affair. If you're interested, please definitely check it out! Blood Affair synopsis: after the death of his mom, Dalton learns that he's the prime vessel to carry the devil in. With the protection of the demon Seth, Dalton has to deal with the fact that he's one of the most wanted humans to help restore Hell to what it once was. Slash, obviously.

The large, clear bottle made a loud thunk on the table as he placed it in front of me, a playful smile on those pierced lips of his and a glisten in his green eyes like one I hadn't seen in a while. "We're getting shitfaced. I'm tired of you staring off into space and thinking about your impending doom, so move over." Seth flopped down on the couch beside me, not giving me any time to move over, so he was partially sitting atop me. "Open your mouth, come on."

I unintentionally snorted as he reached over to the coffee table and grabbed the bottle of Bacardi to unscrew the lid. "What brought this on? You haven't pulled out the hard liquor since we went to Hell," I mocked, placing my hand over his to stop him from taking the lid off. We would occasionally split a cider or beer, but neither of us really drank anything like this. Especially Bacardi. The last time I had it was the night of Mom's funeral. The night I met Seth.

His other hand stacked on top of mine, encouraging me to twist the lid off with him. "Yeah, well, Mom and Dad are in Gehanna with the old man, and you and me have the whole house to ourselves for the first time in a while." Those lips split into a sly grin, the blond eyebrows pulling together to give him a wicked expression. "Come on, Dalty. We haven't had a drink like this in ages," he purred in my ear, squeezing my hand tighter.

"The last time I drank like this, I confessed my love and lost my virginity. I'm not sure it's a good thing." Giving him a swift kiss on the forehead, I sat a little away from him to let him get his wits about him. It wasn't the time to be drinking, especially with his parents away. If anything were to happen and Seth was drunk, it could've ended up in one of us dead or taken, a thought that made me nauseous. "Seth, please go put it away. Maybe we'll have some when your parents get back, but I don't think it's a good idea right now."

Despite my words, the bottle wasn't placed back on the table, and Seth's thin, tattooed fingers dug into my knee. "If you don't feel like drinking, I can't make you," he murmured, lips following along the muscle in my neck, closing the few inches I had put between us. "But we do have the house alone finally, and it's been a while since you've had my dick inside of you." The tattooed fingers had moved up my knee and towards my thigh, slowly inching towards the zipper of my jeans. "And it's been way too fucking long since I've tasted your—"

"You're a goddamn perv," I teased, lacing my fingers in his to stop him from working on my zipper. I loved the contrast in our hands. His were tattooed and actually bigger than mine, while mine were almost pasty white with a few freckles on the fingers.

Bringing those inked fingers up to my lips, I kissed each middle knuckle of the digits, then moved towards the pads of them, working my way to his palm. His throat jumped while he shifted uncomfortably in his seat, the eyes darkening slowly to resemble the leaves of a black oak tree. Whenever he looked like this, I automatically wanted to strip him down to nothing but that tattooed body of his.

"Come with me," he purred, taking my hands and pulling me from the couch, walking backwards as he guided us towards the stairs. "When we get upstairs, what do you want me to do to you?" He stood on the first step, finally taller than I was. He used this to his advantage by taking my face in his hands and tilting my head up towards him, his way of making me as submissive as possible to him. Not that I already wasn't.

"Whatever you wanna do," I breathed, closing my eyes when his lips met my forehead, a warm, comforting kiss that always made my stomach clench.

What I said made him reel back, though, and he raised an eyebrow, that unsure smirk on his face. "Are you sure? I have some weird shit that I wanna try out," he warned, hands moving down my face, across my neck, over my arms, and finally resting at my wrists, gripping them tightly, like he was warning me with foreshadowing.

"Oh, ha ha," I dryly laughed. He looked like he was into some interesting kinks but had never exposed me to them. It almost made me nervous with the anticipation and curiosity in his face.

"The funny part is you think I'm fuckin' joking," he laughed, taking another step backwards, finally getting me onto the staircase. Turning away from me, he still held onto my right wrist, taking me further upstairs.

I stopped him by refusing to take another step, and he half-turned his body towards me when he noticed I wasn't walking anymore. "What do you plan on doing?" I nervously asked, narrowing my eyes at him, my stomach tightening at the same time his hand did around my arm. He had never shown interest in doing anything out of the norm for us, but maybe it was because he didn't want to scare me away from sleeping with him.

Seth's smile broadened, and he almost made me trip with how quickly he yanked me up the stairs. "Uh uh. You already said I can do whatever the fuck I want." When I made it to the top of the landing where he was, he barely gave me time to breathe or protest before he had his tongue in my mouth and his arms wrapped tightly around me, both of us nearly stumbling over each other as we somehow made it to his room. My back hit his closed door, and he reluctantly freed up one hand to turn the door handle, both of us almost falling inside.

He closed the door again by pushing me into it, his own body melting against my own. The fragrance of his room was comforting, smelling of his body wash and freshly laundered clothes, as well as that natural scent that just clung to his skin. It had been there since the first day we met, and it was still there now, filling my lungs and making me go crazy for him. I waited for him to consume me, to completely engulf me in whatever pleasure he was willing to offer me.

"I know we should fuck on the bed, but I dunno if I can make it that ten feet," Seth whispered against my lips, peeling my shirt off of me, relishing in the way his hands got to glide across my body to tease me. He tossed the shirt aside and was immediately back onto me, his fingers dipped into the waistband of my jeans so as to keep me as close as he could, our pelvises pressed together so that I could feel his hardness against mine. As swiftly as he could, he got rid of the rest of my clothes, the air mildly cool against my skin, although my face and ears were hot from embarrassment. No matter how many times I was naked around him, it always felt like the very first time.

"Strip me." The command was still against my lips, but the request made me pull back my face to peer at him, my eyes wide with wonderment.

"Excuse me?" He had never asked me to do that before, and it wouldn't have been an issue except for the trembling in my hands, shaking out of nervousness.

"I told you that I'm gonna switch stuff up. So strip me." When I still didn't move, he took the initiative to give my cock a light squeeze. It was gentle and enough to make me gasp and want more. "The faster you strip me, the faster I'm inside of you. I'm absolutely dying to be in you, and this –" he paused to run his nails down my shaft, goosebumps gathering on my skin "—is telling me that you're just aching to have me deep inside of you, fucking you until you can't think straight. Tell me I'm wrong."

I couldn't, not even jokingly, because I doubt my voice would've been strong enough to make an objective sound. Just ten minutes before, I was trying to get him off of me, and now I wanted nothing more than for him to have all of me, which he knew.

Almost too hastily, I had his shirt off and was working on his buttons and zipper of his almost too-tight jeans when Seth's hands went up around my head and I lost my sight. It wasn't blindness or the lights shutting off; it was purely that I couldn't see anymore, the earthy, tangy smell of leather replacing Seth's scent in my nose. Around my head, I felt a lightweight band being tightened around my head, Seth's nimble fingers tying it carefully. "Why did you have to blind me?" I felt the leather mask with my hands, hoping it didn't last long since I only wanted to see Seth.

"I didn't want you to know what was coming next," he responded, two of his fingers making their way up my torso until they spread over towards my shoulder. He led me forward, instructing me about where to step since I couldn't see anything. His fingers on my skin were almost ticklish with how light the touch was. His breathing was shakier and louder than usual. I couldn't see him, but I was experiencing him in other fantastic ways.

"Seth?" I called out when I suddenly couldn't hear or feel him. My calves touched the bed behind me, leaving me in anticipation since I figured Seth was going to push me back onto the mattress like he's done so often before. The only sensation that came was a featherlight touch on the backs of my thighs, larger and more even than fingers were. "What is that?" I asked suspiciously. Instead of a verbal response, all I got was a slight, almost painful, slap on the same spot on my thighs.

"You'll grow to recognize it." Behind me, the bedsprings squeaked, probably from Seth climbing onto it. One of his arms snaked around to the front of my torso, reaching so that his arm came across my chest and his hand gripped my shoulder. Warm, wet lips attached themselves to my neck, and he sucked on my skin just enough to where there would be a light mark. I wanted to rip off the blindfold and turn around to see him, but his other hand wrapping around my cock distracted me from taking off the blinder. "You have no fucking idea how hot you are with nothing but a blindfold on. It's so hard trying to resist you." His teeth met my earlobe while he glued his body to my back. The roughness from his jeans on my ass was a tease, knowing that he still had more to go before he was completely undressed.

Opening my mouth to retort with words was totally pointless since all that came out was something of a pained groan as he sunk his teeth into my neck, right over what was already going to be a bruise from him suckling on the skin. It was almost too painful with how sharp his canines were, but the pleasure rippling up my body from his hand still working on my member balanced everything out. A little too roughly, the arm that was across my chest moved to my waist, pulling me back onto the bed. Our bodies collided, but he didn't let me lie on him for longer than a second before he had me on my back, being mindful enough to have placed a pillow beneath my head.

In our relationship, there had been multiple times where I felt completely helpless around him: when he drove the go-karts on our outings with Paul and Ronnie, whenever I ended up in one of my moods and felt like crying, and when his large personality overtook mine to the point where his personality scared mine away. This was another helpless moment. There was no way of telling where he was or what he wanted to use on me. My imagination didn't help any since I had only known Seth to be a vanilla demon.

That helplessness carried over when I felt him spread my legs widely, despite my protests and attempts to cover myself or get my legs to close shut again. He positioned himself between my legs, one hand on my knee to keep them apart. "Are you okay?" he asked, that instrument from earlier being dragged down my torso, causing me to squirm to escape the tickling sensation.

"I wish you'd quit teasing me," I responded grouchily. That sharp pain from the tool returned as it struck the inside of my left thigh, eliciting a pained shout from me. "What the fuck is that?" Again, I tried to take off the blindfold, but Seth had once again distracted me by wrapping his warm hand around me, the careful strokes making me finally relax and thrust my hips up into his hand to try to get him to touch more of me.

"You don't get to see what's going on. I already told you that you agreed to this." The bed creaked under his shifting weight, and the rough sound of denim on skin came to my ears. When I thought he was finally going to enter me, the quick pain came back, this time on my other thigh, almost making me want to reach out and hit him in response. My reaction was quickly expelled by Seth's mouth covering me, a hand still on me knee to prevent me from closing my legs to get him away from me. His mouth on me didn't last for too long, but I felt him hovering over me now, his hands on either side of my head, which I could tell from the way the sheet shifted by my ears. "Do you like the pain?"

"I'm learning really quickly that you're a fucking sadist," I murmured, my breath catching in my throat as he bit down into my shoulder again. My body reacted of its own accord, clinging to Seth and holding him tightly to me as he kissed the area to ease the pain. It was repeated again, those sharp teeth going closer to the nape of my neck this time, and I was all ready for him to kiss that area again. Instead, he reached between us, taking me into his hand again while still biting into my skin. "You're never so rough."

"I like the idea that whenever you get hurt, you're going to think of me," he whispered in my ear, his pace increasing on my dick, my body writhing beneath him. "I always wanna be on your mind, making you miss me and want me."

Feeling for his face, I made sure it was in front of mine, our noses touching, me dying to see his face and those eyes. "You're already on my mind all the time. You know that, dumbass." Judging by his silence and the warmth I felt beneath my hands, I had embarrassed him, bringing a smile to my face. It always brought me satisfaction to make this tough-looking, tattooed and pierced demon blush since it was such a rarity.

"You always say such embarrassing things," he grumbled, hands running down my torso again as he sat up, settling himself gently between my legs again. My back arched when Seth's fingers went inside of me, gentle about the way he slid them in and out of me, his smooth laugh filling the room when he felt me try to push down on his fingers, silently begging for him to go deeper. "I love seeing you like this. You're so needy, and your body reacts so beautifully."

If I could see him, I would have kicked him because my own face was heating up, and only some of it was because of the way he touched me. "Shut up," I moaned, having to suppress a louder vocalization when his free hand started back on my dick. His touches were too much, my toes already starting to curl from the overwhelming bliss flowing from my toes up through my head. I almost couldn't think straight anymore, and he wasn't finished with me yet.

The hand that was around me stopped moving and released me, ignoring the sound of protest. "Relax," Seth whispered. His fingers grazed my cheek, then went to the bottom of the blindfold, peeling it off of my face. I blinked a few times, eyes adjusting to the dim light coming in from the covered windows. "I missed your eyes. Is that better?"

"Yes," I breathed, loving that I could finally see him and his ruddy cheeks and his messy hair, tied into a low ponytail as if it wasn't just going to come loose within a few minutes. Before we kept going, I put my hand on his chest to stop him from moving, just to take in his appearance. Whatever happened to me, I never wanted to forget what he looked like, especially like this when he was so vulnerable. It was always his goal to look and act like he was so much tougher than he was, so I loved moments like this when we could escape reality and experience each other, mentally, physically.

"What?" he asked, trying to scowl but only smiling.

"I love you," I told him, both hands on the back of his neck to pull his face closer to me, finding it difficult to breathe because of the kiss and just how incredible Seth was. I was thankful that I didn't have to talk because I wouldn't have been able to form the words.

"Can I. . .?" he asked softly, forehead on mine. I nodded dumbly and desperately as he left a kiss on my forehead, then returned to his original position to tower over me. Slowly and carefully, he pushed himself inside of me, one hand resting on my hip to try to quell any pain with his magic. He pursed his lips and closed his eyes, stroking my cock with the hand that wasn't using magic. "Fuck, Dalton," he groaned, situating himself deeper inside of me before removing himself almost completely.

"You can go faster," I urged, hoping he would, but never bold enough to directly tell him to. Please go faster, I need you to is what I wanted to say. He must have known this because he was immediately back inside of me, filling me, hitting me so deeply inside that I almost had him stop to prevent myself from cumming so quickly. "S-Slower," I hissed, having to calm myself down and stop myself from bursting already.

Seth almost laughed but settled for a coy grin. "At least you tell me what you want." He did as asked, even removing his hand from my cock and pushing two of those fingers into my mouth for me to suck on. I wasn't sure how I started to love it when he had me do this, but I obediently complied, a soft sigh coming from him as I did. "You're so cute."

I found his eyes staring at me and immediately let his fingers slip from my lips so that I could cover my face with my hands. "Shut up," I mumbled, my face warming. That feeling of helplessness was returning, almost as quickly as the new wave of pleasure as Seth thrust back into me, trying to get me to draw my hands back from my face. The chagrin grew with how loud I was, but I couldn't help it – he was so deep and so fast that I almost lost control over myself.

"Isn't this better than moping around?" he asked, voice unsteady, peering at my from beneath those long, dark eyelashes.

"Yes," I grunted, half-willing to agree with everything he asked in this state.

"And you feel so fucking good, right?" He was taunting me, forcing me to use my words.


"Am I the only person who'll ever see you like this?" Both of his hands caught my wrists, pinning them to the sides of my head, the pain that should have initially been there returning as Seth's magic faded from my pelvis.

"Yes, Seth, fuck," I groaned, hating how much I liked his hands tightly around my arms, keeping them in place so that I couldn't stop him, even if I wanted. I couldn't stop him now, though. The pressure was building, and the light-headedness was settling in from the pleasure that was so fucking close to escaping me. "I-I'm gonna cum. Don't stop, Seth. Please." He almost had me in, continually hitting that point inside of me that could set me off. I was dying to cum now, begging for that release in a rushed, frail voice.

"You said to stop, right?" he teased, slowing until he was only inside of me, but not moving. I was about ready to beat him, settling on a frustrated groan instead. He looked satisfied, smug at the fact that me cumming was solely up to him and if he felt like letting me finish. "I love having this much control over you, holy shit. You're so mad." One hand left its hold on my wrist to trail the backs of his fingers down my face.

Collecting myself wasn't working because my head was foggy from all the dopamine that had already been released. It may have been childish, but I reached up and grabbed hold of his hair, yanking him down so that his face was inches from mine. His left eyebrow was raised with a smirk on his face, waiting to see what I was going to do. "Make me cum, or you're going to be having nothing but tame sex for the rest of your time with me. I will never let you blindfold me or whip me again, got it?" It was all that I had over him.

He laughed dismissively and sensually licked my lips. "Yeah, okay. This was the hardest you've been since I first fucked you. You'll need to do a better job of convincing me, baby." To tease me, he slid into me once, slowly, carefully, before almost pulling out again.

"Seth, please," I griped, rolling my hips to try to get him deeper inside of me. It wasn't helping any since he moved his hands to my hips to keep me in place. Growling, I tossed my head back angrily, frustrated at how fucking close I had gotten, only to have it stopped by the most obstinate demon in the entirety of Earth or Hell.

"'Please', what?" he mocked, hands sliding up my sides, towards my shoulders and down my arms to grasp onto my hands, pinning them to either side of my head and lacing our fingers together, releasing my hold on his hair.

Pursing my lips and swallowing my pride, I turned my head enough to where I could kiss his hand as it settled on mine. "Please let me cum," I begged, voice weak, shame and chagrin settling deep inside of me. It was almost quickly replaced by arousal, something I hadn't expected to feel when begging. It should have been worse than it was, yet I was finding myself liking the idea of Seth having all of the control here. "Please, Seth."

I barely finished my words before he started again, so deep inside of me that I had to bite his hand to stop myself from crying out louder than I already was. The pain caused by my teeth spurred him on even more, an almost animalistic growl emerging from him as he almost rushed to get both of us to completion. Heavy waves of sensation, both pain and absolute pleasure, rippled over my body until I could barely breathe, holding my breath in anticipation.

"I'll kill you if you s-stop," I choked out, my eyes barely open, but still just enough to see his concentrated face, his pursed lips and upturned eyebrows, trying hard not to be the first one of us to cum. I gave in before he could, unable to take any more of the spot inside of me being struck constantly. Freeing my hands from Seth's, I used them to cover my face again when the semen hit my stomach, hating it when Seth saw me like this, sticky and covered in my own cum.

"You're so fucking beautiful," he whispered closely to my ear as he momentarily leaned over me. "Don't hide your face from me."

Spreading my fingers wide to reveal my eyes, I got to see his amused grin, then watched his mouth fall open with a soft gasp as his body tightened. He pulled out of me as quickly as he could, releasing himself on my stomach. "Sorry, I should've used a condom, I know," he murmured, only to get my finger to his lips.

"It's fine. You're fine." Ignoring the way our mess slid down my body and sides, I pushed myself up onto my elbows to close the space between our mouths, head still cloudy from all of the hormones. "I love you," I whispered, pulling back from the gentle kiss.

"I love you more." He materialized a handkerchief from between his hands, then carefully cleaned me off, leaving goosebumps on my skin from the damp coldness. "I love you so much that if you really do wanna stick with tame, vanilla shit forever, we can, as long as it makes you happy." He looked so proud of himself as I laughed through my nose.

"That's not a very good basis for love, dummy," I teased, moving our bodies so that he was lying next to me, curled warmly against my body.

"I'm not very romantic. You gotta take what you can get. Just know I love you, dummy." It felt like he wanted to say more, but he stopped himself. He did that a lot lately with everything that was going on. Sadly, now that our temporary distraction was over, I had to go back to the acceptance of knowing my life was on the line; regardless, even without anything to get my mind off of it and my potential death, at least I knew I had my somewhat-fierce demon alongside me.