Communication is the basis of all relationships, isn't it? Whether it is family, friend or partner; even professional. "Communication is key."

The one problem of communication that everyone encounters? Language barriers.

What is to be done when both parties are trying their level best to communicate- in different languages? The answer is obvious; utter failure at communicating anything meaningful, and the added stress and/or frustration of the other person not understanding what one is trying to say. But, honestly, think about it. Are they truly to blame for speaking a different language?

They aren't.

That is just how everyone is wired- with a different mother tongue. They may acquire a varied repertoire as they grow, but their preferred language remains the same. It is the same with relations and expression.

There are those who express through touch, and those who express through words. There are those who will speak and those who will write. There are those who will act, and those who will act behind the scenes. So many forms of expression- all varied and equally efficient in their own right. Then why do we not realise the barrier they unintentionally present to us?

I speak to you in touches, while you talk in actions. Your silence reaches out to my poetry. My flamboyance and extravagance overwhelms your muted presence.

Then how are we to communicate, when neither understands the other? You try to interpret me the best you can, and I try to translate you just as much. But there is only so much we can scrape together from fragments of conversation, and so much that gets lost in translation. After that, who is to blame when one or both of us get hurt?

I crave your touch and your words. I am enamoured by the art within you; that you give me glimpses of when you express it. You find comfort in my silent solidarity rather than my comforting words. You do not care for flowery speeches, but a simple gesture goes miles when it comes to you. Both of us are reticent, and both of us long for expression; for understanding.

We "talk" all the time. Both of us look to the other one as someone extremely important to us. A constant presence in each other's life. A source of comfort, a trusted comrade, a cherished presence, and perhaps, a need. Life without the other would just not be the same. Forget about wanting to communicate; we need to communicate. The irony is that we speak different languages.

Saying that we are strained doesn't come as much of a surprise now, does it?

There is only so much I can learn on my own. There is only so much mere observation will teach me. I know that when you rub the back of your head, you are about to tell me something you're not exactly proud of. I know that you scrunch up your nose when you are annoyed. I know how you stare into the distance just so when you are upset about something and overthinking it. I know that you shy away from touch, unless you initiate it yourself. I know that your actions speak volumes, while your words are measured.

But those are just a minuscule part of your extensive vocabulary, and there is so much to you that I am a stranger to. I do not know your language, so I cannot read you. I can make a guess at the context, but the nuances and beauty escape my limited comprehension.

I want to know you. I want to read you.

I am not demanding that you speak my language. That would be extremely oppressive of me, not to mention irrational. I am asking you to teach me yours. If possible, please learn a little of mine. Help me build a bridge between us so I can truly know you; and so I can help you meet who I am. So that we may, finally, "communicate".

A.N. First of all, thank you, to all of you who read and responded. I cannot explain what it means to me, but you all made my day.

A point that a couple people raised was "what exactly are you trying to accomplish?", and here's my answer:

While I primarily started writing to express myself, my thoughts, my ideas, and my feelings, a few of my pieces evolved into something more. The feelings weren't just mine anymore, they were the feelings of so many others, who could perhaps not put them into so many words. But everyone wants to be "felt".

The pieces I'll be uploading this week are mostly of this kind. AppreciationWeek is for all those who have wanted others to know what they feel, but haven't been able to say it. This is not aimed at a particular person, age group, or even gender. This is for everyone who feels they can relate to my words, or any part of them.

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