stranger in the house

poem about family strife and personal themes

there's a stranger in this house

there is indeed a stranger here

but it's not me, it's you

the man who is invading a space that is not his

claiming a right that was never his

(acting like my controller rather than a step parent, ha, you'll never be anything in my eyes)

you try to control me, hurt me and turn people against me

you lured me in at first, then showed your true colors

a manipulative puppetmaster playing all of us with strings

worst of all is you managed to do so much in only so little time

convince everyone else you're the one who's committed no crime

all the while rejecting everything to do with your housemate

you reject his tastes in music, his likes, his interests and in return he rejects yours

treat others how you wish to be treated-you hate him for something he cannot control-

compare him to someone who is dead-do you think that's fair

do you think it's funny-to constantly be trying to impress you

and instead deal with your silence, complaints and cruel barbs?

I've had just about enough of this nightmare

I want out, but I can't wake myself up.

You're always here, trying to control everything.

Complaining when people don't like your attitude.

Acting like yelling at people for innocuous things is ok.

Claiming ignoring you is me being abusive

no it's not, it's me ignoring your cowardly ass

because no matter what i say or do, you, the snake, will find a way to make it a wrong

it's why I confess here in my poems what I cannot say:

I wish we could get along

but for some reason you've decided to paint yourself as always right and myself as always wrong.

until you come to terms with yourself, then you will not win my respect back that you've cruelly broken.

this is not your space only, this is my space, I was here first and you will not push me out of this house I grew up in.

make all the lies you want about me but I know the truth: you're a coward.

in the end, parents and surrogate parents are all about themselves rather than supporting their children and will always pick their spouses over their own children. pitiful, isn't it?