Chapter one: Caitlin, age eighteen

. "Why do you think it's so bad to join a support group? I lift my shoulder in a shrug. "Gee. I don't know! Maybe because anything social scares the hell out of me?" Beth widens her eyes at my statement.

""That's just why it's a good idea, Caitlin. You need to learn to stop being scared of social interactions. Because whether you know it or not, social interaction is a big part of modern-day society. And if you don't have good social skills, you are seen as a freak, which we both know that you aren't. and I'll admit, your mother hasn't done the best job at getting you to step out of your comfort zone, homeschooling you the way she has, but that's why I push you so hard. It's important, no, crucial, that you get over your fears of social interaction. And what better place to start then with a group of kids your age, who suffer from mental illness as well?"

I hate to admit it, but Beth has a point. I don't interact with people the way I should, the way normal people do. And that's my biggest wish—to be normal. But I'm not, and I know that. And this support group is not going to help.

I hadn't previously known Skype was a thing, and I was perfectly fine not knowing. Either way, I click the SIGN UP button, and fill out the form.

Full Name: Caitlin Marie West

Email: caitlinmariewest

Password: Allison32

Then I search for the support group message that Beth was supposed to send me via email. I find it, and tap on the link, which brings me back to Skype. I sigh, and begin typing.

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