Happy Ending

Slowly strolling down the hallway, I let my down cast eyes graze on the ground as I could only hear my footsteps tap the metal of the frigate. But the silence doesn't last as two crew members start walking down the hallway in my direction, completely unaware that I'm in front of them.

"That was the third fighter jet that went down. No signal, no nothing." One of them says to the other.

"Sounds like the Bermuda Triangle." He replies with the rifle swinging at his side.

"Well, it happened on some planet named Chorus."

Carefully listening to their conversation as they pass me, I halt and tilt my ear towards them to pick up any more detail of the fighter jets and this so-called planet Chorus.

"Who's that guy? The freelancer?" The one asks.

"Felix? The mercenary?" I feel my stomach churn at his name. "Nah, he can't be behind this! He's dead." They turn the corner and get out of my hearing range as I scoff at myself.

"Like hell he's dead," I whisper to myself before I quickly make my way towards the docking port for smaller space ships and fighter jets.

"Daphne!" I call as I load a standing ship and find the pilot scanning through the computers. Yet even with my heavy footsteps, she still seemed surprised to see me.

"Take me to Chorus," I demand, even as her face twists in confusion.

Yet quite dumbfounded by the demand, she still looked up the coordinates of the planet as she warms up the jet and clicks on all the little fancy buttons in front of her; turning on navigation, gravity, shield, invisibility, and stealth. With her ability of multitasking- this woman never ceases to amaze me.

Standing near Daphne as she levitates the jet off the ground, I watch the shield flicker before us for a moment before it completely disappears and Daphne swiftly pushes the jet out of the dock and flies us into the dark space. Looking back at the Mother of Invention as we circle around, I finally let out a sigh of relief that I was finally out of the floating prison.

The Mother of Invention is the sponsoring companies work sold to us; known as Charon. These are also the people who build and sell space-grade weapons to us and helped create the Spartan armor. It is part of the Project Freelancer operation and with the given permission of the UNSC to use to their own free will. The enormous ship is known to be quite small for a UNSC frigate, but stores over a lifetime supply of weapons, aircraft, food, and technology. By taking one of the lightest and smallest jets the Mother of Invention has to offer, it took no longer than several hours to get to the isolated planet.

"I heard that there may be a tractor beam that is used to pull in ships. Stay clear of that." I inform Daphne as she nods and changes direction slightly.

"Hey, what are you doing?!" Daphne calls back to me as she notices me walking back towards the hatch.

"I'm free falling! Open the door!" I call back to her before I felt myself beginning to be pulled in by the sharp gust of wind.

"Don't die down there!" I wave back at her voice before diving out of the jet and shooting through the air towards the ground.

Descending about a hundred feet per second, I have little time to find an area to safely and quietly land on without making myself stand out. Especially with the Federal vs Rebel armies fighting against each other.

Scanning the ground below me with my visor, I find a clear landing on the canyon near the Chorus Federal Army base and calculate the exact time I could use the jetpack to be able to land as stealth as possible. Softening my footsteps as well, I scan the area before using some of my enhancements and freeze as I hear a disgusting voice I dread to ever hear again.

"That was surprisingly easy," I whisper to myself as I turn towards the voice.

Creeping behind a large boulder, I find an enormous radio jammer and the target with a teal colored Spartan kneeling on the ground in front of him. I couldn't tell what he is ranting about, but it's probably about how he is better than him. Typical.

I observe the scene for a few moments more before I decide to sneak up behind him with a surprise attack. But as I was about to move, I find him pointing his pistol towards the man on the ground, causing me to react by throwing a flash grenade towards him and blasting at his feet, temporarily distorting his senses.

"What the?! Freakin' hell!" He shouts, making the man in teal stare in confusion before looking in my direction. Signaling for him to run, he nods and quickly limps away from the situation before the mercenary was able to get his senses back.

"Tucker?!" He shouts when he finds that the Spartan has disappeared from in front of him, "Shit…"

Slowly making my way towards him, I pull out my pistol from its holster and hold it straight out in front of me to the back of his head. It was silent between us, figuring that he felt my presence and gun behind him. Without even turning around, his words seemed to stab me like daggers.

"You're supposed to be dead."

Thankful for my helmet, I silently shut my eyes for a moment and feel warm tears stream down my cheeks. I can see why he would think that; since he was the one who pushed me. To my silence, he turns around to face me and holds up both hands to his sides, as if he were surrendering.

"You didn't expect a happy ending when we were together, did you?" he asks dryly. It is as if he is laughing at me and expecting me to receive pity.

I stare hard at my ex-fiance in continual silence before I'm able to open my mouth and speak to him with honest feelings.

"No matter how much we want it, Felix, we won't always get a happy ending."

I can tell he's surprised, even behind his visor, which gives me the opportunity to pull the trigger.