Chapter 5: Sacrifice

Horror. He saw it unfold right before his very pupils. Snowy, who was barking to help Michael attract the helicopter pilot—was suddenly shot in her left back leg by a shotgun. The wolf immediately fell to the ground after letting out a loud yelp.

"No!" he yelled as he burst into tears. "Snowy!" He went to his side. She was whimpering. "Don't leave me! You are my only friends here!"

Blood gushed out of her leg, staining the snow red. Michael's tears began to fall straight down from his face and into Snowy's fur until it disappeared as if she absorbed it.

He was madly dumbfounded. It was like he took a blow in the chest that blew out his heart. Almost like he felt about America's 9/11, also known as Patriot Day. It was a surprise that he especially did not see coming.

As he looked up at the sky, away from his dying friend, he noticed the helicopter was about to land on a nearby plain. He was ready to confront the people in it—and, if needed, force them to concede.

When the helicopter landed, after blowing snow in all directions, a man wearing two winter coat at once jumped out and ran towards the boy. He spread his arms out wide, ready to hug him.

Before Michael could realize that it was his own father, Dylan Crest, he was hugged so hard that he was lifted off his feet.

"Son! I'm so glad to see you again!" Michael was too mad to reply. "We thought we'd never see again after the accident."

"What accident?" he asked curiously. He just could not remember how he ended up in the forest in the first place. But now, this was his chance.

"You don't remember? You're going to have to ask your mom. She was with you when it happened. I bet you wish you were with her right now. Don't worry, she's at Calgary waiting in a motel. We're going there right now."

Soon enough, another man who was also wearing two coats came up to them. He was carrying a shotgun. A weapon of mass destruction. Destruction of friendships.

Michael's veins began to fill with anger and vengeance. It changed his expression. The man with the gun mistook it for a quiver.

"Don't be afraid of this here gun. It saves lives. Just like how it saved yours against a savage wolf." Michael exploded.

"Listen to me! She is not a savage! Don't you realize that killing a wolf is illegal, especially in Canada?"

"Calm down. The wolf posed a hostile threat," said his dad.

"No dad, that wolf was my friend!"

He ran back to the she-wolf. Miraculously, she was still alive. He became happy that she was. But it wouldn't last long. "And now she lay dying on a cold surface thanks to the brutality of a single bullet." He got on his knees in despair.

"Come on, son. We don't have time to mourn over this foolishness. We have to get to the airport."

Dylan went and grabbed Michael's arm. Michael resisted and yanked it from his dad's hand which was covered by a glove. Dylan became appalled. What was his son doing?" John, the man with the gun, was also shocked.

A moment later, Michael had made a final, life-changing decision. After taking some of Snowy's blood and smearing it on his left cheek, he stood up with his fists tight.

In a split-second, he dashed randomly and disappeared in the deep forest.

"For Snowy and—" That was all that was left.

"Michael! Are you crazy?!" Dylan yelled.

"Boy, you nuts?!" John shouted. But, of course, it was too late. Michael was never seen again.

And what would haunt his father would be his last word: "And." And what?"

Just then, Snowy let out a cry.

To be continued...