**A/N: Kind of a character study of my latest D&D character Elymoxa. Fifth edition added in the character build element of "Background" to better help people flesh out their characters (or maybe 4e did that? I skipped over 4e). One of the background elements is to pick the "bond" to their past life. I chose wishing a childhood sweetheart could have gone adventuring with them. So, I decided I needed to know a bit more of that sweetheart... **

"Hey, Woodshooter, what are ya thinking about?"

"Huh?" Elymoxa Welbys Alver Teenybump sat up and rested back on her elbows. She turned to her childhood friend Bimbuckik Smurkot Riddlebum Sparklebrass. He had given her the nickname of Woodshooter nearly ten summers ago when he caught her practicing her marksmenship, and killing her boredom, by shooting the smallest branch on the farthest tree she could hit while standing on the roof of her family home. It was one of her favorite names.

While it was normal for a gnome to gather names and titles as they aged, she wasn't even twenty yet, barely out of childhood, and she already had over four dozen. Her parents each gave her one, her surviving grandfather and patriarc of their family added in Alver, and of course she had her father's clan name of Teenybump. As she aged she begin to get nicknames, and after defeating the Raging Beast that nearly ransacked the village last harvest season, she was getting paid in names nearly every day.

Still, Woodshooter was her favorite. Perhaps it was because Bimbuckik gave it to her.

He settled onto the roof beside her, swinging his legs over the ledge. They sat silently as he awaited her answer, and she simply took in the horizon.

Her parents owned one of the homes that lined the border of their small, hidden village nestled into the dense Nellasath Forest. There wasn't really much of an "out" that anyone could see, the trees outside the village were woven too tightly. However, right on the edge, just before the clearing that had made way for the village folded back into the canopy, the distant mountain peaks were visible as they cut into the sky. It wasn't much of the outside world, just four deep purple triangles, but it was enough for Elymoxa. It was proof that there was a "more" to the world. Proof of the existance of the distant lands the bards and merchants spoke of as they rested within the village.

"Mox?" Bimbuckik tried a nickname closer to her first given name, hoping it was enough to draw her from the spell of that far-off sky.

"Sorry, Bimbam, it seems that, purchance you have stumbled upon the vastness of ponderings that is my perplexing of my destiny."

"You were daydreaming." Bimbuckik simplified.

"I was daydreaming," Elymoxa confirmed.

"Why do you do that?"


"Well, that too, I guess, but try to over complicate what you say. You know you are terrible at it, right?" There was no harshness or maliciousness to his tone. He bumped his shoulder against Elymoxa's to try to make sure she understood that.

"I am a bard-"

"Aspiring," Bimbuckik interrupted.

"-and as a bard," Elymoxa continued without breaking her gaze upon the distant mountains, "I must speak in the most of elevated-like verbanage. It is to eloquate my grand tales."

Bimbuckik shook his head and laughed. "You want to sound smart so your stories will better travel and you'll become famous faster."

"You always over simplisticate things."

"Well, at least I can speak properly. Come on, Woodshooter. You're a marksman, not an orator. At least talk normally with me."

"I am."

Bimbuckik tilted his head and raised his eyebrows in a challenge.

"I have to practice," she relented.

"You have to learn what the words are and how to pronounce them first." He again chuckled and Elymoxa's cheeks began to burn.

He pushed himself up onto his feet, dusted his hands off on his tunic, and held a hand out for Elymoxa. "Come on then, you're looking quite flushed. Perhaps you've been in the sun too long."

Elymoxa's cheeks darkened as she gently touched them, her eyes averted from Bimbuckik.

"Uh, yes, too much sun. Good- good catch." She kept her head turned from him as she took Bimbuckik's hand. He pulled her to her feet and escorted her to the balcony banister they had used to climb onto the roof in the first place.

"Oh, and Moxie?"

"Yes?" She hopped down to the balcony beside Bimbuckik and looked up into his hazel eyes.

"You really shouldn't need to daydream. You have a beautiful life here. You're already a hero here. Try to remember to appreciate that. Try to be happy without having to look out there. Okay?"

"I'll try," she whispered, already planning her escape out of the forest.

**A/N: Less than 800 words!? I think this is one of the shortest scenes I've ever written.

Another element of the Backgrounds portion of character creation is to pick two personality traits. One of the ones I picked was "I misuse long words in order to sound smarter around people." It seemed too much fun to not pick. How'd I do? It's hard to misuse long words when you know what they actually mean.

Anyway, it may be a slow process, but expect more character studies like this one in the future. Thanks for reading!**