a sixteen year old

you say it was legal but those pics on your phone sure ain't
you act like this is my fault for not showing any restraint
"i didn't say no," and you said yes, you said "you know i do"
the bullshit that i initiated every time is just untrue

so tell me buddy, if when you're twenty three,
d'you ever have a reason to go after a sixteen year old
i'm not saying i'm a victim here, but i'm not the bad guy
told you i could backtrack, asked consent every time

i just turned sixteen a month before i hit you up,
you'll be twenty four in march and that's too much
i've got you blocked on every social media i've got
and yet i feel so guilty that i got you caught

i got 96th percentile on the SATs
i've got a good GPA and in time i'll see
that i've got bigger dreams than you could ever be
with your fast food job and associate's degree
and that's fine, but it's just not the life for me

i swore to my friends i won't reach out to you again
in time i'll stop thinking about you at 11:11
it'll hurt and it'll ache and my heart's mid-break
but i swear to god that i'll be okay