"The world falls apart."

His voice booms through the heavens with a sigh so gentle that even the smallest of His Choirs, on the outskirts of His heavenly home, stopped their admiration.

He hears more than sees the wings of one of His Seraphim ruffle and shake and stretch out in a hesitant curiosity and the sound sends a tickling of amusement through His being.

Curiosity is something that He has encouraged, yes, but to feel it expressed, even if subtly, is nice. He understands their need to ask 'what next' in a situation such as this, but he is not worried. There is nothing left but to let the world start over. So God sighs as What Is winks immediately out of existence. There is a pang of pain as the world he created disappears - all that life. That potential. The continued potential.

But it is far too late for that. All that is left now is a universe that is part stars and mostly void and as his Choir raises their heads upwards, they feel What Came Before begin to unravel.

- So this is what it feels like- says one of the Cherubim, gentle and kind, despite their appearance. Their many, many eyes sparkle with amusement as they settle at the base of His throne. The lion aspect of this Cherub leans down to groom itself as it's Ophanim floats over to scratch behind the lion aspect's ears.

"Death?" God wonders, "Yes. Death as it should be. Peaceful."

:Not always, if you remember: whispers the Saintly presence that was once his mortal love.

"No," God answers, "Not always peaceful. But this will be, my love. The world falls apart and all that's left is for us to start again."

:Indeed: agrees Mary as a corner of His Kingdom begins to unravel. What Came Before is mostly gone now, and the void is a yawning gap tugging at their minds.

"Be at Peace," God says into his Kingdom as it begins to disappear and reveal nothing but void, "For I am with you."

"And also with you," his Host reply as they scatter from the unraveling corners of their Kingdom and settle into a prayer circle. All around them, their Kingdom dissipates into darkness and then -

Time unravels and the world is gone.