once you were the most important person in my life
talked to you every night, now i don't know you at all
once you left nostalgia started hitting me like a knife
when i see purple i think of me against your wall

smelling lavender reminds me of your allergy
lush makes me think about you tugging me by the hand
hotel rooms take me back to when you were above me
you broke my heart and i needed a plan

so i've got lavender bath bombs and bubble tea
perfume on my neck and i know you can't smell me
i don't associate that scent with you anymore
if anything, now it's just a closing door

i had a credit card so i bought out a lush
i got bubble bars and lip balms and way too much
i racked up a fortune on that piece of plastic
and when i use it, it smells fantastic

i flew down to visit my sister in salt lake city
went to a hotel that's just so damn pretty
we watched friends in our hotel beds
and you were barely in my head

if i'm being honest with myself,
i'm still in love with you
if you wanted my help
i'd be there in two

but every day there's something else i'll do
that will get me closer to being over you