Ireland in the year of 1798.

The British Government has ruled over Ireland since time out of mind, treating the country like a backwards economy and dehumanising its citizens. The majority of the people of Ireland are peasants living in squalor with little to no job opportunities, except cultivating farmland and linen manufacturing. Fear pervades of cruel landlords who demand ridiculously high taxes and heartlessly evict families who cannot afford to pay. The aristocracy is worse than useless; they turn a blind eye to the atrocities committed against their people, too concerned with their own petty problems to care about the troubles of others. Nobody dares to speak out against the injustice of it all as there are many people, both English and Irish, who have sworn undying loyalty to the English crown and allegiances are sketchy.

However, change is on the horizon. The United Irishmen, an organisation formed in 1791, is beginning to grow in popularity and is planning a rebellion against the British Government in the hopes of taking back control of their beloved Erin's Isle. There is no telling what this revolution will lead to but one thing is for certain: the events of it will shape the lives of its participants forever.