Author's Note: I wrote this story (if it can be called a story) in less than an hour while procrastinating on my Camp NaNo project. So, it's the result of a combination of procrastination, an Anne of Green Gables book, and the fairy-tale The Pied Piper of Hamelin. What those last two have to do with each other, probably only a handful of people will know. Anyway, hopefully someone will like it!

Play, Minstrel, Play

Play for me, minstrel, play

And we'll follow

Blackmore's Night, Play, Minstrel, Play

The piper played softly at first. Very few people heard him. The few who did hear immediately ran off to follow him.

"They're crazy," said the rest of the people, who couldn't hear the piper and didn't know why the few had left. "They're jumping at shadows. They're out to make a name for themselves."

Time passed. The piper played more loudly. More people heard him. They followed him too.

Now no one said they were crazy. The rest of the people looked worried and went on with their lives. They waved goodbye to the ones who followed the piper.

"We're so proud of him," said the parents of a boy who had heard the music.

"She's so brave!" said the gossips when they heard of a girl who followed the piper.

Soon the piper's music was heard all over the land. Now there was no avoiding it. People who did not wish to follow heard his song and had no choice but to join those gone before. In many towns there wasn't a single family that hadn't said goodbye to someone. Children at play saw the people march past on their way to answer the piper's call, and wished they could go themselves.

And so the soldiers marched off to war.