Breathing Reality

I don't know what it means when I say it

But in my heart I know

I want to breathe in the universe

I want to be a place in the skies

And I don't question my mind

But I question why

Why I feel this way

On Summer evenings

When the sun has just touched the surface

I want to know what it's like

To feel its golden rays

I want to know

What it's like to be so bright

When I see the shore

I want to get lost in the ocean

I want to become its rhythm

Feel its depth and width

On moonlit nights

I want to drink the blue

I want to taste the chill of the breeze

But I can't

So why do I try?

It's a part of me

A distant part of me

That knows what I'm missing

A part of me that understands

The disconnect in harmony

Since that day

Everything wants to go back and change it

But there is no way

So we long for yet another world

Lyrics belong to SaltwaterJanuary