Carry The Note.

Ocean-deep secret, give me more, I've
known, I've heard you carry the note,
voice so high you fill the sky, but
never once have I seen you let go.

Isn't it heavy in your arms?

This feeling of contentment, of
saying 'I could have more if only,
if only', but I feel you clearly, we're
like two sides of the same coin.

I know everyone can see it.

It still doesn't stop me, I'm the
ever present reminder of who you
are and you're scared, gentle in
overstepping non-existent boundaries.

Don't you know I'd let you?

Tummy full, choking on butterflies,
I feel you staring from the sharp
corner of your eyes, a starved soul
calling to a sea-deep of likeness.

A seasoned soul in trying.

Your fingers are shaking, you're
half-empty on doubt, half-full on
hope, and who am I to smother a fire
ready to burn? Ready to be something.

More, your voice is electric.

We can lie to ourselves in these
sacred moments, it is the pastime of
the youth we are so guilty of, better
blame it on stagnant curiosity and need.

We are all thirsty, hungry for something.

What would happen if the practiced
embraces turned to comfort at night,
what would happen if the instant
chemistry wasn't diluted with fear.

Aware of losing everything, our minds.

In the game of predator and prey
we've been one and the same, but only
in bitter secret, like wanting to rip your
skin off and be someone else.

If only for a while.

I'll save your secret, this little
piece of yourself close to my chest,
behind my ribs in safe keeping, only
free to be alive once every spring.

Hidden gift in a melody.