There is an argument to be made that you have no actual choice in life, that every action that you take is simply the result of an infinite amount of variables that cause you to take that action. An easy way to equate it would be to compare it to random numbers generated by computers. Due to the very fundamentals of computers, they cannot truly generate random numbers. Instead they rely on some process for acquiring the number in a way that would appear to be completely random. The number itself is not truly random, but predicting that number would require an impractical amount of knowledge that makes the act nearly impossible. It is because of this that the number is considered to be effectively random.

I tend to view choice in the same manor. I don't know if I'm making my own choices, or if it is just the result of everything I've experienced among trillions of other factors, but if the numbers can still be called random, my decisions can still be called choices.