In the northern reaches of the country of Ebrium, there lies a vast forest, largely untouched by Man. In the middle of this forest lies a lake with crystal clear waters and mystical properties. This lake is home to Fanaris, the Goddess of Blessings and Wishes. Local legends state that those who meet with Fanaris may have any single wish granted, or, if they so desire, may instead receive her blessing.

However, meeting Fanaris is not so simple. The lake, and the forest that surrounds it, is the territory of the gods, and the gods do not take kindly to intruders of their realm. The journey through the forest is a long and treacherous one, filled with dangers of both the natural and unnatural variety. Only those with a strong conviction and strength of heart can make it through the forests trials. Should someone reach the lake, they will have to face Fanaris' test before they can make their wish or receive their blessing. The test is simple; Fanaris will search the persons soul and should she find them with an untainted heart, will offer her services. Those with a tainted heart and unclean soul will who attempt to abuse Fanaris' goodwill will be met with misfortune that will follow them for the rest of their lives.

"To those who would seek a life better than the one you lead, we welcome you to the Forest of Beneficium."