Ninety-five million miles from the sun, lies the divided Earth. A few hundred years ago, everything was peaceful. Humans prospered. War was but a myth... that is until the carsons showed up. They were an alien race, all of whom were escaping their homeworld that was destroyed on the other side of the galaxy. They were a strange race. They resembled cars. In fact, so much so that you could hardly tell the difference, but nonetheless, they came. They did not come to fight or pillage. They only wanted a place to stay. Inevitably, war raged on between the two sides. Humanity was forced to make room for the newcomers and the world became ever more crowded. As time went on, life became to adjust. Fighting continued, but nothing went greater than the initial reactions.

Borders were rearranged. Cities were acclimated. The carsons established a capital of their empire in Detroit, Michigan. For Americans, the capital was moved from Washington, D.C. to San Francisco as the majority of Americans now live on the West Coast.

Beside San Francisco was a very small town known as Lego City. It was once a boom town that housed a military base that was crucial during the worst early parts of the war. Now, it was a dump. Only a handful of people still reside in Lego City, but for those people, it was special to them. They didn't know what magical force gravitated them to this easily forgettable place, but they felt that the city's destiny was intertwined with theirs.

About three thousand miles away was another small city, but not of humans, of carsons. Off the outskirts of the imperial capital, Detroit, lied Hot Wheels City, a community of a few hundred Carsons. This city had a vastly different history...

Thirty years ago, this particular outskirt of Detroit was nothing but barren wasteland. The only civilization was the horizon where one could see an amazing view of the skyline of the great capital. But then, one day, a carson named Jeff DeRoll came there as a stranded child. He had been driving alone for days, but what happened before him finally made him brake. A green astroid rained from the sky a mile in front of him. When it crashed into the ground, a shell grew around it in the shape of a trapezoidal prism thirty feet high. No one was around to witness the strange otherworldly occurrence but little Jeff. As years went by, he founded a city atop the prism and today remains as the mayor.

Two cities, vastly different in every way, are also somehow the same... but how?