(written in 2013)

This is the story of me. I was born on November 25, 1999. I seemed as a average baby, weighing seven pounds, twelve ounces. My first word was "mama" even know the funny thing is that I was talking about my dad. On May 26, 2003, my sister was born. Sadly in 2006, my parents broke up. I was then, left with my mom. Soon in 2009, my mom was married again to someome I call "James". He had three sons: James II, nicknamed "Scooter" , Thomas, and Toby. You might think, because they're step brothers, they're going to be mean. Well, you are right. There is no way, you could get along with them. Just to show how bad my life was at this time. Scooter: was twelve when I met him, but is now sixteen. He lies, he's sexist, he curses, he punches you if you make him mad or just does. Thomas: lies, calls you "crap, idiot, or stupid" all the time, when you tell on him for doimg something bad, he teases you by saying "tattletale!", and rubs it in your face. He was ten when I met him but will turn fourteen in June. Toby: Was four but is seven. He lies, when he gets mad, he gets his untrimed nails and sticks them in your neck(I still have the scars), he basicaly hates everybody but my sister, somehow. James on one hand is what you don't want be on his bad side, and the other hand he can be friendly. But I don't know how your kid friendly if you curse in front of your kids, five hundred times a day.

Though, there was some good times. 2010 to 2011 was what I call my "weather years". I was interested in weather ALOT. I had drew a March 2010 Tornado Season Weather Map. 2011 to present, was known as my "Dogs and Writing" years. In the summer of 2011, I had rented a movie from Red Box®. The movie came out in October but I still saw it. Alpha and Omega was the name of it. I had instanty fell in love of it, so I kept renting for two months untill I bought it in August. The movie was my full inspiration. In April, 2012, I joined the fansite called: .com. There, I started the book: Stormfast, The Fast Wolf, which is in the picture above because I still have it. But in November the site closed and I couldn't do anything. But on November 31, as I was looking for a site I would feel welcome, I found . My first friend was Star Wolf. My first book was my remake of Stormfast, The Fast Wolf called The Journey of Stormfast, which is why it is based on Alpha and Omega. Alot has happened to me. In October, when Superstorm Sandy hit. My so-called family took a break from eachother. In November, I turned thirteen. On January 12, 2013 I got my first sight of love when one of my writerscafe friend became my friend. On Valentine's Day, which was counted as the best day of my life, we became more than friends.