Something doesn't feel right. I can see it now, creeping into my room. It always does. I told myself it was a dream, that it was not real. I wish I was right.

I look to the corner of the doorway, which is blanketed in shadows of my nightlight. It is creeping over slowly, glancing at me with its strange eyes- and then, darkness.

I wake up in cold sweat and glance around wildly. Daylight creeps into the room, and I let out a sigh. It was morning. And I had survived. I wonder what I could have done. It is always the same, every single time. And I am frozen. Transfixed on that little creeping thing. And then I watch as it devours me.

I sigh and wipe my blood-shot eyes, barely feeling my damp hands on my skin. The thought of seeing that-that thing, frightens me more than I am comfortable with. The ceilings seems to waver and move as I stare up at it.

"Dan!" A shout snaps me out of my trance, and I glance to the side, where the doorway is. The voice sounds again:

"Dan, wake up! You are going to be late!" And so I start my first day at my new school.

Now, let me start from the beginning. My name is Daniel Normelk, and I am 10. My family consists of 3 people: My sister, me, and my dad. My mom died in a car incident 9 years ago. I don't remember her.

Dad is the most lovable and funny member of our small family. He jokes all the time-even about things that aren't funny.

Now, there is my sister, Rosalyn. She is something else entirely. She is a bit older than me; about 2 or 3 years. She doesn't joke or laugh a lot. She mostly just sits in her room and does weird stuff that I can't see. It's gotten to the point that even dad doesn't know what she does. I decide to ignore her most of the time. And she ignores me.

We live-excuse me- lived in a big mansion in the countryside. I had a dog named blade, but dad decided to give him to our next door neighbor because we couldn't afford to keep him. Dad had gotten a promotion in the city, and we had to sell our house and move to New York.

Now, don't get me wrong. I don't hate the city. But gosh, was it ugly! There were cars everywhere and buildings rose high into the air. The weather was disgusting; dull grey, unlike the clear blue back home. I gulped back my nausea and gripped the corners of my bag.

It was 2:00 o'clock when we reached the house. It was dark blue and somehow made the hairs on my neck stand up. There was just something about it that freaked me out…

Getting out of the car slowly, I looked up at the looming building as it cast a shadow over everything in range. The trees, the small pond beside it, even the cobbled path that led to the doorstep! Around the blue house, it was as if it was always nighttime.

I looked around, and just noticed the house sat on top of a hill, away from the city and other houses. That somehow made me freak out more and I gripped my arms to keep myself from shivering. Dad was getting our boxes out of the car, and he called me over to help.

I looked over to Rosalyn. She was getting out of the car and looking around too. I grimaced at her radiant pink cloths, and turned away to stare down at the buildings below.

I shivered, and it wasn't because of the cold.