The next morning, I woke by a crash downstairs. Staring at the ceiling, I felt as if something was missing. Another crash followed by another, and I sprang up.

"Freya!" I called, moving as fast as I could without running. "Freya! Is that you?" As I went down the flight of stairs, a scream echoed throughout the building. I started running as fast as I could.

The kitchen was a mess, the chinaware broken on the tiled floor. The tables and the chairs had turned over, some damaged beyond repair. I heard shouting and silently glided over the floor. It was men, no doubt. I listened from my hiding place behind the sofa.

"N-no…" I was Freya's voice. I clasped a hand over my mouth to keep from gasping.

"Now now, Jikken hyōhon. You'll be fine in no time. The pain will go away soon, see.." Anger filled my heart, my hands clenched into fists. How could they?!

I went into the kitchen and grabbed a knife, then threw it at one of the men. It hit him in the rips and he doubled over, his grasp on Freya loosening. She suddenly looked wide awake, her blue eyes gleaming with tears. One of the men, still clutching Freya's right hand, looked up and stared me right in the eye.

I gasped and went to grab another knife; but my hoodie was yanked from behind. I struggled, biting and scratching at the hand that held me, but no avail. The hand wouldn't budge. I heard a few swear words coming from the person.

"You little-"

"Dan!" Freya called, her voice shaky and broken. She was sobbing. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry…" I wanted to tell her it was alright, that I didn't blame her. But the moment I opened my mouth to speak, something hit me from the back. A sharp pain started to form in my back, and then the world went dark.

I woke with a start, dazed slightly. The ceiling before me was unfamiliar, and it took me a moment to realize I wasn't at home. How had I gotten here? Then the memories from last night started to flood back: Freya being taken away, the men, Freya yelling something at me…

I flinched at the sound of a door being opened. A short, plump man stood in the iron doorway, wearing a lab coat and a blue key-card around his neck. He was almost bald, only a ring of dark brown hair left on his head.

"Alright, kid. What is your relation with 006?" When I stared at him blankly, he added impatiently, "Your little friend. Freya, was it?" I growled at him, ready to spring, but for the first time since I was awake, I noticed my bound hands. The man only grinned, sitting opposite me behind the white table. I didn't answer.

"C'mon, kid. We haven't all day." I remained silent, glaring at him with as much hatred as I could. He didn't bat an eye. Scowling, I pulled at my binding. It started to rub against my skin painfully, and I bit my lip. The man seemed to have noticed, for he offered a tired and almost pitying smile.

"Don't try to escape. You will only hurt yourself." I pretended not to hear, pushing and pulling at the ropes with all my might-

Nothing. The ropes remained intact. The only thing changed were my bleeding wrists, stinging painfully. The man shook his head sadly, as if saying 'I told you.' I gritted my teeth as the man organized his papers.

"You are Daniel Normelk, correct?" I remained silent still, the strength gone out of me. The man sighed, rubbing his probably aching forehead.

"I am Dr. Exander. Just answer my questions, and you will be free to go." I merely stared. Dr? Was I in a hospital?

"Where is Freya?!" I yelled suddenly, and the doctor flinched, startled. Regaining his composure, his brown eyes looked sorrowful for a moment, but it was gone just as fast as it had come.

"She-she is in her containment area. Don't worry about her."

"Containment area?" I repeated, dazed. "Is she an experiment?" Doctor Exander nodded, looking down as if ashamed.

"She is a successful experiment. Everything will be explained to you later, Dan. Rest, for now. Freya will be fine!" He snapped, when I was about to protest. My shoulders slumped, and I glanced down at my legs. The door slammed shut and I was left in the white, plain room, all alone and shut off from the world.

What had I gotten myself into?