Okay, so I realize this isn't a story (I'm working on a new story actually n need a beta if anybody is interested) but I wrote this yesterday bc there was some writing contest at my school and the winner gets a cane's gift card. I figured nobody would submit a poem bc everybody hates poems, so i wrote this and laughed while I submitted it. Lol I expect no feedback bc I was just lmao during this

The expiration date looms closer

died the next house over,

the milk curdles on the fifth.

Today is the eighth

i like cereal, especially now.

Milk is the only thing

that is still good after

the expiration date.

We all expire sometime, but

right now I'm disapointed.

I want to be like that milk.

I want to be the milk.

The expiration date looms closer

and my toes curl with excitement.

The trees aren't white.

I'mm seriously laughing rn as I put this on fictionpress im deaaaadd. this is so bad but I love it so much. Again, please dont comment and be like "ugh, this sucks ass" cause I know and that is why it is so funny. Man, that "milk is good after the exp. date" is seriously killing me right now

Toodles, Alpha