In her room Lucy was fast asleep, she had been awake long into the night for the last several nights and she was hoping to get a decent amount of sleep. She had only just turned nineteen and at one point had wanted to attend a prestigious college. Academics was not the problem and even financing wasn't going to be too big of an issue. Instead there was something that else that prevented her from going.

Before Lucy could have the amount of sleep she wanted she began to hear someone crying. It didn't fully register to her at first but a few seconds later her brown eyes began to flicker open and she yawned. The crying continued but rather than it coming from an adult the crying was of that of a baby.

Slowly she began to sit up in her bed and looked over to an object that could be seen although the curtains were blocking out the light. The crying was coming from this object and she slowly began to walk toward it. She put on her pink dressing gown that was lying on the ground and she arrived at the object that was a simple crib.

Inside the crib lay the five-month-old son of Lucy who had woken up and was crying from hunger. Even in the low light he could see the face of his mother above him but this didn't do much to stop his crying. She did bend over to pick something up from the floor, she then smiled down at him and gently picked him up from his crib. She made sure that his blanket was wrapped around him so that he would stay warm.

"Hey there little man," said Lucy. She continued to smile at him but he continued to cry. "I bet you're hungry, aren't you? Don't worry, Mommy has a bottle of milk with your name written all over it."

With that she carefully placed the bottle in the mouth of baby and he began to drink it. His crying stopped and Lucy looked at him with love. Even though this tiny person had ripped away the ambitions of a career that she once had she couldn't hate him for it. She had carried him for nine months and she felt a connection to him that was common between mothers and their children.

One thing that Lucy did know was that her chances of getting any more sleep had completely blown out of the window. She put on a pair of slippers and opened her curtains that revealed a beautiful day. It was a nice view for her to look at but she had too many things to do to enjoy it.

As soon as her son had drunk all the milk he wanted she made sure to pat his back so that he didn't have any trapped air. She put a cloth over her shoulder just in case he decided to bring some of his milk back up. Thankfully on this occasion it hadn't happened and she made her way out of her room.

As Lucy went into the kitchen she saw her mother already there. Her mother looked a lot like her as they had the same brown eyes and blonde hair. Lucy's was a little shorter than her mother's as it only went down just past her shoulders. She also stood around an inch taller than her mother at a respectable five and a half feet. She was also wearing a dressing gown like her daughter but she looked more presentable at that moment in time.

It took a few moments for her to notice her daughter but as soon as she spotted her and her grandson she couldn't help but pull the largest smile she could. She always loved seeing her grandson and she just wanted to cuddle him all the time. She always loved caring for children and she was experiencing it all over again.

"Hi honey," said Lucy's Mother. She made her way toward the pair and she bent down to look at the baby who was still in Lucy's arms. "And how is little Toby doing today?" She couldn't get over how cute Toby was and a part of her wished that he would stay like this forever.

"He's fine mom," replied Lucy. She did sound a little tired and she yawned as well. "It took him a while to go to sleep last night and he woke up hungry this morning. I haven't checked whether he's left us any surprises yet."

"Don't worry about it." She smiled as Lucy handed Toby over to her. "Just get yourself ready for work and I'll watch for you."

Lucy thanked her mother before going toward the bathroom, she did have some time before she had to go to work so she showered herself which felt nice on her skin. Any tiredness she had left was washed away in the shower as she was clean and fully awake when she stepped out. She always enjoyed having a nice warm shower, the knowledge that any dirt that was on her was being washed down the drain was pleasing for her.

When she was done cleaning herself Lucy began to dry her hair and then brush it, she remembered once when she had really long hair but she found it annoying to maintain so she had it cut to the length that it was today. She didn't mind this in the slightest as brushing became a much easier task.

Eventually Lucy did step out of the bathroom and she was wearing her uniform that was that of a fast food employee. She had taken the job recently and she wanted to save up so that she could eventually move out of her home. She had considered going to college but that involved moving away and she couldn't be away from her son. Even though both of her parents helped with taking care of them she couldn't expect them to look after him while she went to college.

Instead for the time being Lucy would work her job and attend night classes whenever she could. It made her life difficult as she was having to balance her job, education and motherhood all together. For the last few months she had been recovering from giving birth but now she was having to go back to reality.

Eventually she returned to the kitchen where she saw her mother placing a pacifier into Toby's mouth. He was sucking on it a lot and seemed to be really enjoying it. She loved seeing her mother with Toby as she had always stated how much she wanted to be a grandmother, now she had her chance.

Not only that but there was a piece of toast on the side that was there for Lucy. She quickly picked it up and began to eat it but she planned on eating more when she got to work. She knew that fast food was bad for her but she didn't care that much as when she was hungry she could eat more than what people would expect for someone of her size.

"When's Dad back from his business trip?" asked Lucy as she looked over to her mother. Her focus was more on Toby and although she didn't like to leave him she accepted that she had to for now.

"Hopefully it should be tomorrow unless something else happens," replied her Mother. She was gently rocking Toby in her arms. "You know what they're like, they seem to be on the verge of striking a deal when suddenly things go south. Besides when are you finishing work today?"

"Should be around five, you don't mind looking after Toby, again do you?"

"Of course not, I've already got a big day planned for us. Grandma needs to do some shopping and my little superhero's going to help me out."

"Thanks Mom." She hugged her mother carefully. "See you later." She then looked down at Toby and gave him a kiss on his forehead. "Be good for Grandma, I'll be counting down the minutes to when I can hold you again." Toby didn't really respond as he was too busy sucking on his pacifier.

With some reluctance Lucy made her way out of the house and stepped into the car that she owned. It was far from the best car on the road but it got her from A to B and was reliable so she was more than happy to use it. She truly felt sad about leaving Toby but the knowledge that she would be back to see him soon kept her going.

As she turned the ignition on the music from her CD player came on, it was some music that was quite popular ten years prior but she was just enjoying it now. Carefully she pulled off of her drive in her quiet neighbourhood and began to relatively short drive to work. It was a trip that she had taken many times before so today seemed to be no different.

The traffic wasn't as bad as Lucy had expected as she drove along the roads with relative ease, on many occasions she had been forced to wait for long stretches as queues would be common. Today seemed to be lucky for her as she would be able to get to work in good time, she just thought that her luck wouldn't last until she drove home.

One particular leg of her journey sent her through a tunnel that was fairly long. It had only recently been built but so far it saved her several minutes off of her journey which she appreciated very much. Without much thought she drove into the tunnel and fully expected to come out the other end in short time.

Lucy's mind had drifted off as she thought about some things in her life and how they had reached the point that she had found herself. Just over a year earlier she was looking into colleges and seriously considering what kind of career she would have. However, a short time later she found herself pregnant and her options were limited. She was disappointed by this but holding Toby would always make it seem like it wasn't that bad. Many women would choose a career over motherhood, she had a chance to have an abortion and she was happy that she didn't take it.

Although she had her mind on other things she was still concentrating on the road. One thing that hadn't registered to her was the fact that there were no other cars around her. She seemed to be the only one in the tunnel which was something that was almost impossible, even in the middle of the night.

The only time when Lucy began to notice that something was amiss was when the music that she was listening to suddenly stopped part way through a song. It was common for a radio transmission to be interrupted while inside of a tunnel but since the music was coming from a CD this couldn't be the case.

Lucy looked down at the built in CD player and noticed that it had switched itself off completely. She pressed the on button numerous times but nothing happened which annoyed her. She knew that it might cost a bit to get it working again and she didn't have the time to take it to a garage.

One other odd thing that Lucy noticed was that the tunnel was stretching further than she remembered. She knew that she would have made it to the other side by now but it seemed to stretch on further and further with no end in sight. She thought that it was very odd and she did begin to get worried but she saw a light at the end of the tunnel.

She gave a sigh of relief and continued to drive toward the light but as she drove closer the light became brighter and brighter. It became so bright that she had to shield her eyes. The light seemed to engulf her and her car. The sound of the car's engine quickly faded away into nothingness and any sense of reason seemed to be gone. An unusual feeling came over her as the light soaked into her and that was the last thing she remembered.

A cool breeze struck Lucy's body as she lay on the ground unconscious. She began to groan and she opened her eyes to see the beautiful blue sky above her. She felt a little light headed from her experience and slowly she sat up. She began to see the world around her and she was greatly surprised by what she was seeing.

Rather than being in the middle of a suburban area she could see that she was in some kind of open field. Rather than grass covering the ground it was mainly sand with some plants popping up every now and again. It stretched as far as the eye could see in every direction with no signs of civilization at all. There didn't even seem to be any signs of life besides the plants that were growing nearby. The car that she had been driving in was nowhere in sight, as if it had just disappeared into thin air.

"W-Where am I?" asked Lucy quietly to herself. She was more confused than anything else. "Where's my car?" She then looked at herself and saw that she was completely naked for all the world to see. "And where the hell are my clothes?"

She quickly covered her breasts with her arms and continued to look around. She was hoping to see someone or some indication of civilization. For the moment she couldn't see either and she was still left in a state of confusion. One thing that she knew was that she wasn't going to help herself by simply staying where she was.

One thing that was on her mind was that there was a chance that she could have been sexually assaulted. Waking up without her clothes made her mind draw to this conclusion but when she checked her body she found no bruises and her body still felt the same as before. Nothing was out of the ordinary and since there were no footprints or tyre tracks around her she didn't think anything had happened.

Slowly Lucy began to stand up to her full height and she used one arm to cover her breasts and her other hand to cover her other private parts. At that moment in time she was looking a few things in her mind that she had to find. The first was to find some kind of town and the second was to find some clothing. Even if she needed to steal a sheet from someone's washing line it would help cover her nakedness.

In the end she picked one direction and began to walk in it. As she walked she was confused as she didn't think that there were any landscapes like this anywhere near where she lived. This only confused her even more but she could take comfort in the fact that the sun was shining above her. This kept her warm despite her lack of clothing although a cool breeze did send a chill down her spine.

Lucy walked for around an hour and in that time, she hadn't seen a living soul. She was also beginning to get a little dehydrated, the environment around her hadn't changed and it made her feel disheartened. Her mind was also trying to find answers to what had happened but it came up with none. She couldn't figure out how she had gone from driving to work to walking around naked in a bleak landscape. She thought that it was something that was utterly impossible.

Just as she was beginning to lose hope she noticed something over the horizon. At first, she couldn't make it out but she focused her vision on it more she noticed that it looked like a settlement. The buildings that she could see were white and not all that tall from her vantage point.

Lucy didn't care what the buildings were like. It was the first indication of civilization that she had seen so she was more than happy to go there. She did pick up the pace as she made her way to the settlement. Her despair seemed to disappear as she thought that she was going to get home very soon. She did also wonder if she would be able to give a decent excuse at work but that wasn't the first thing on her mind.

After several more minutes walking at a quickened speed Lucy eventually reached the outskirts of the settlement. Here there was only a small wooden building and a man working on the fields with a horse. It was obvious to Lucy that this as some kind of farm and as she looked at the man ploughing the fields she noticed something odd about him.

He was an old man who looked around sixty years of age. He wore a brown toga like clothing with a pair of shorts and black sandals. It didn't look like any kind of clothing that Lucy was used to seeing but that wasn't the most striking thing about him. As she looked at him she could see that he was incredibly short.

In her head she thought that he must have been around two feet tall, she had seen vertically challenged people in the past but he looked different. He was perfectly proportioned as if he was a six-foot man who had simply been shrunk down to two feet. The building that he called home also looked a third of the size that it should have been. The tools that he was using was also scaled down for him to use comfortably. She found this to be very odd but what was the oddest thing was that for the moment she hadn't recognised him. He seemed to be too engrossed in his work to notice her standing there.

"Excuse me," said Lucy just after she cleared her throat. Her voice snapped the old man out of his concentration and he turned to look at her. He expected to see a normal woman standing not far from him but he was surprised as he had to crane his head up and up to see the face of the towering woman before him. A small wave of fear struck him and he dropped his tool as she was by far the tallest human being that he had ever seen in his life. "I need your help, I don't know where I am and my clothes are gone. Can you please tell me where I am?" Her voice was soft and the old man seemed to be frozen on the spot.

"Y-You're in Tulosas," replied the Old Man. He was struggling to find his words as he still couldn't get over what he was seeing.

"Thanks." She had never heard of Tulosas but she thought that it was simply a town in the next state over. "Now you wouldn't mind letting me borrow your phone so that I can call my folks, do you?"

"Phone?" He looked at her with much confusion and some of his fear had melted away. "What's a phone?"

"You've never heard of a phone?" She looked at him and although he did look pretty old she thought that telephones had been around much longer than he had. She then looked toward the settlement that was a mere stone throw away from where she was. She then looked at the old man again. "I know this might sound like I'm being rude but do you have something I could wear? My other clothes disappeared earlier."

"I-I might have something." There was still some fear in his voice but he did quickly go back to the building that he called home. Lucy stood there and waited and mere moments later he returned with a very large white sheet. It was a little dirty but he looked up at her when he was close enough. "It isn't much but this is all I have." He raised his arm with the sheet, he watched as she picked it up and unfolded it.

"Thank you." She continued to unfold it and although it looked to be quite large she wasn't sure whether it would be large enough for her body. "I'll be right back."

The Old Man stood there as Lucy walked behind the small building and crouched down. She began to wrap the sheet around her and as she feared it was a little small. She did the best that she could but one thing that she did notice was that her breasts seemed to be a little larger than she remembered. She found this to be a little odd but with everything else that was going on this was the least of her worries.

Eventually Lucy stood up again and the sheet felt very tight around her. It just barely covered her private parts but it would serve its purpose for now. It only just went down passed her buttocks and only went a little up above her breasts. If it was either lifted or lowered then people wouldn't need to use their imagination.

The Old Man remained where he was and watched as Lucy walked back over to him. She squatted down so that she didn't seem to be so tall and she lowered her hand to him. He looked confused at first but he soon realised that she simply wanted to shake his hand. Cautiously he grabbed onto her very large hand and they began to shake. She had a smile on her face.

"Thank you for everything," said Lucy. "I wish that I could give you something in return but unfortunately I have nothing right now. Just know that your kindness has been a great help to me."

"Y-You're welcome," replied the Farmer.

When the handshake was over Lucy stood back up and began the short walk toward the settlement. The Old Man continued to watch as she walked away, he didn't know if he had been blessed by the gods or if this was some kind of omen that bad things were going to happen, either way he was never to forget this day.

Lucy seemed happy with herself now that she didn't have to cover her naked body. Her thoughts did begin to drift to Toby as she hoped that she wouldn't be away from him for long. These fears were dashed as she thought that she was going to find a phone and call for help.

She had left the house with her own phone that day but it had disappeared along with her clothing and her car. She still had no idea exactly what had happened and her might was still trying to wrap itself around it. She thought that she would find answers later but her primary goal was to get back to her baby.

As Lucy approached the settlement she began to notice something that was odd. The buildings themselves were made out of white stone and didn't look like any that she was particularly familiar with in real life. The only time when she had seen buildings like these were in films that were centred in Ancient Greece or Rome.

That wasn't the only odd thing that she noticed about them. She soon found that she was taller than the vast majority of them. The single storey only came up to around her hips and the two storey buildings were slightly shorter than her. To her they looked like a very large and well-made model.

Lucy then noticed the people who were walking by. She was a distance away from them but they were all around the same height as the farmer that she had met a few minutes before. Not only that but they were wearing similar clothing to him which included several different styles of togas and sandals. This was when it struck her that it was not he or the others that were small. It was her that was gigantic. This was like someone had just shone a light in her mind as she was struggling to figure out what was happening.

She was around three times the height of the average man that walked by. For the moment they hadn't noticed her but she was trying to think of the best way to interact with them without scaring them. This would be a difficult task as even she was too freaked out about the whole situation to remain calm